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Now on Kiss-FM 105.9


Michael Baisden is now on KISS-FM 105.9!

 Michael Baisden can now be heard on WDMK 105.9 Kiss-fm Mon – Fri, 3p – 7p beginning October 12th!

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Female, Age Private, Cincinnati, OH

Posted October 09, 2009

Good to hear that Michael Baisden will be on 105.9. I really hope that it can be heard in Ohio, Cinn. to be exact. I enjoyed him tremendously while living in North Carolina. Now it is difficult to get a good radion station here. I am very to this area and I miss California already, especially for nice music.



Female, 65, Southfield, MI

Posted October 15, 2009

Welcome back Michael! I missed you in Detroit and your absence made me appreciate you more. Your show is like no other, because you keep us up to date on things the others don't. Jena six is when I really started listening to you, faithfully. I don't need just music, a CD can do that. You're simply the best !


Female, 47, Detroit, MI

Posted October 29, 2009

Welcome back to Detroit Mike. It just goes to show you can't keep a good man down. You were gone and here you are again. I love your show and will listen to you on whatever radio station that carries you. Keep up the good work.


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