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Vacuum Bras And Pumps For Breast Enlargement


In the modern day western society there is an excessive degree of pressure on women to be well developed in the breast department. Lack of breasts or tiny breasts can bring about teasing which can result in feelings of inadequacy and low body self confidence.

Whether we ought to take much notice of this part of the body as well as have low self esteem worries about it is a different story; the simple fact of the matter is that within the last few years, breast enlargement surgeries were the biggest portion of the cosmetic surgery pie, with over 200 000 breast enhancement procedures performed each year.

But breast enhancement surgery procedures carry huge risks and potential health issues. Additionally it is very pricey and what you might not know is that you need to make provision for replacing the enhancements in a couple of years since the implants usually do not last forever and need to be replaced over a period of 7 to ten years.

This makes ladies search for non surgical breast enhancement alternatives such as breast enhancement pills and other kinds of natural breast enhancement methods.

Among the methods recommended for non surgical breast enhancement are different brands of vacuum pumps.

Vacuum pumps?

These pumps operate on the theory that you create a vacuum pressure all around the breasts which 'forces' the breast to grow more breast tissue.

Typically the best that can be accomplished with one of these methods is just one cup size. The vacuum cups must be worn about an hour a day for some systems, for others you need to wear it for 10 hours per day (normally when sleeping) over a period of 10 weeks. Two well known vacuum pump systems are Brava and Noogleberry. Brava works with battery power and is made of plastic domes which are positioned over the breast and then held in position with a sports bra. The Noogleberry is a hand pump system but functions on the same concept.

The Brava is a gentler technique that takes longer to produce an effect, but has to be used overnight. The Noogleberry can be used for around an hour each day.

Both of these methods work on the principle of causing swelling in the breast, but following a long interval (a month or two) the swelling has a tendency to become more permanent. Brava has conducted scientific trials in which they're saying they prove that the technique is effective and that the effects are long term.

Is it worthwhile? The outlook is divided. Some plastic surgeons say that some of their patients are ladies who tried Brava and just weren't pleased with the results.The issue with the Brava system as well is that it takes an inordinate level of commitment to keep up. Remember that this system, which is not easy to wear to put it mildly, has to be used for 8 to 10 hours each day for a lengthy period of time. Additionally, it requires quite a sacrifice on the part of the spouse or partner of the woman involved because it essentially controls your lifestyle for the time period that it is getting used.

Nearly all women on the Noogleberry forum are very pleased with the effects and a few assert that their gains are long term, but once again, these adjustments developed over the course of a couple of months and once again, most of the augmentation that can be achieved like this is about 1 cup size.

By: Sally Jurdon

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What seems to work really well though is to combine something like the Brava or the Noogleberry with the one breast enlargement pill that really seems to work. Very good results have been claimed by women using these two methods together. For additional info on this specific make of pill, visit

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