Part I
The role & goal of a government is to establish and uphold guidelines/standards of society. A
government is suppose to exhibit a model in which, mirrors the people(society) it represents .
Most importantly Government is expected to implement/supply the needs of the people it
serves .I think in the 21st century Democracy is supposed to mean, that the people(voters) elect
representatives(city council, mayors ,governors ,senators & president) who voice the concerns,
needs and wants of the people. In a Democracy the duty/responsibility of a representative is
not only to voice the issues of the people but, to take action via propositions, so the people can
vote (or not vote) on potential laws and regulations. During the W Bush administration
America's Democracy became a Dictatorship i.e. The Bush Doctrine and The Patriot Act. I
feel Democracy is a concept/idea that is based on the people (of a land) making vital decisions
that impact/influence the livelihood of that land (political social & economical). The truth is
shrouded with so much scrutiny the majority of the public can not recognize the truth from
falsehoods. Two recent examples of the government misleading the public are; the illegal
occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, with the 9/11 attacks and Weapons of Mass Destruction
(yet to be found) stated to be the basis. Now the world knows preventing terrorist attacks was
not the motivation for the war on Iraq and Afghanistan (natural resources are the reason). In
conclusion, how can you trust a government that propagates lies ,then sends innocent
young men & women to kill(or be killed) innocent men ,women & children ? When the cost of
our security requires the blood of others, what does that say about this country? Is that the
definition of Liberty and Security? I don't think so. Theocracy is form of government in which is
ruled by the direct guidance of the higher power. Theocracy (following the laws of God) differs
From Monarchies (ruled by the grace of God).
Part II
I don't think anyone is qualified to rule a society, but I do think the blue collar/working
class/lower class is qualified to represent a society especially since the lower class makes up the
majority of the population. I think when people attempt to rule a society their power and
authority isolate them from the rest of society in which results in a dictatorship or monarchy.
Enlightened people are; empathetic, collective consciousness, always willing to learn,
responsible, sacrifices for others and eats to life. Where as an unenlightened person is self
adsorb, greedy, near sighted, blames others and lives to eat. Enlightened people realize life is a
short journey so we(humans) have an obligation to utilize our time wise with the intent on
improving the worlds conditions(economically ,environmentally and spiritually).

The moral and social values that an enlightened person poses are based on equality, justice,
culture, humbleness, modesty i.e. when an enlightened person achieves substantial economic
status he/she is not going to buy an expensive car first, they will buy property or invest as
oppose to an unenlightened person who'd buy an overpriced car first. Bottom line is that an
enlightened person sees the whole picture (past, present & future) while an unenlightened
person sees one angle (present).
Happiness is defined by an enlightened person through his/her genuine contributions i.e. how
many did she/he assist or how many benefited their lives because of the
time/service/dedication that the enlightened person donated. An unenlightened person defines
happiness through momentary satisfaction i.e. money cars, clothes and promiscuity.
Unenlightened people are similar to crabs in bucket i.e. they all pull each other down whenever
one attempts to escape their current condition.
Both enlightened & unenlightened people shall be allowed to pursue their ideas of happiness.
I'm sure a close observation of the general consensus of the human population only about 5-
15% are enlightened in which, leaves 95-85 % of the population to fulfill their selfish &
momentary pursuit of happiness.

An enlightened person's behavior is one that demonstrates courage and goes against all odds
i.e. even when the masses display actions that are motivated by hate, lust and greed an
enlightened person holds on to their morals and ethics (treat people the way they(enlightened)
desire to be treated. The behavior of an enlightened person lives fully aware that we (human
beings) all need food, clothing & shelter plus an opportunity to provide these necessities for our
families. An enlightened person lives fully aware that the we (humans) have more similarities
(physical, emotional, psychological) than differences so, to persecute or discriminate against a
person is unenlightened. An enlightened person accepts his/her responsibility to serve as an
example/ testament that we all have a choice to either rise above diversity or fall into realities
allusions aka the Matrix.

Based on the circumstances of the modern world it is safe to conclude that enlightened people
only make up a small percentage of most societies so, for an enlightened person to lie to the
public in order to accomplish certain goals that benefit society will be a double edge sword. I
believe it is a double edge sword based on the fact that even if society benefits as soon as they
discover the enlightened person's lie, everyone & everything associated or affiliated with the
enlightened person will face scrutiny and ridicule. One example of this is Marcus Garvey.
Marcus Garvey stood on the principles that a man must be in tuned with his history and proud
of his heritage. Has a result of enlightenment he was falsely accused of mail fraud then arrested
and everything associated with him collapsed. This is an example of how an false accusation can
destroy a enlightened person, just imagine the reaction of a society when they're informed of
an enlightened person telling a lie. Even some unenlightened people acknowledge that there
are enlightened individuals amongst them and enlightened people are expected to conduct
themselves with higher standards of behavior.
I think enlightened people are above most social laws, but they must work within the system of
the society before they attempt to destroy and rebuild it. When an enlightened person works
with a system before reconstructed it establishes justification for change i.e. the enlightened
person tried to thrive in a substandard society/civilization, but ultimately he/she was not able
to exist within such a deplorable society/civilization. One example of this is Mahatma Gandhi
resisting the British Empire in which inspired India's independence. Personally I think social laws
are implemented in order to maintain order and control the people aka sheeple who are
incapable of leading of themselves. Social laws & regulations are combated by enlightened
people i.e. M.L.K JR battling segregation and Jim Crow Laws.

According to western societies an unenlightened person is expected to be held accountable for
his/her actions, but in actuality an unenlightened person does not have the capacity (mental
spiritual or emotional) to accept accountability for his/her actions. I've reached this conclusion
because in western societies the allusion of individuality numbs and desensitizes people from
feeling i.e. people don't socially interact anymore either they are texting, e-mail or instant
messaging. Unenlightened people depend and follow the media for guidance. 4,000 years ago
civilizations worshipped idols of nature, now we worship American Idol contestants or athletes
and entertainers. Unenlightened people don't have elf awareness to step outside the box of
Part II
Prior to the emergence Islam, Arabs received enlightenment from the Persians and Christians
until those two empires began to weaken. Prior to Islam, Arabs followed a polytheistic
tribal/nomadic code of ethics. Before Muhammad introduced the Islam to the Arabs women
were considered a burden and if a young women wasn't married at a young age she was
considered damaged goods. I admire the how five pillars of Islam are intended to ensure
structure/strength and pride such as ;1) witness of faith(shadat or shanada) no God but Allah
and his messenger is Muhammad.2)Prayer(Salat) five times a day.3)Almsgiving(Zakat) a tax or
payment of money and time in which is given to maintain the social & economic welfare of the
community.4)Fasting(Ramadan) in which exhibits discipline and gratitude to God(Allah) 5)
Pilgrimage(Hajj) to the city of Mecca in which is the holy site of the Kabba in which is
believed to be built by Abraham and his son Ismail. These pillars provide support for Islamic
faith and serve has a guideline to affirm that Muslims are conducting their lives properly. Due
to Benevolent Dictatorship (one God = the law)Jesus and Muhammad would
respond to modern problems, by condemning us all to a eternal punishment for failure to
treat each other the way we want to be treated. We are failing to fight the greater
jihad(internal) instead we spend billions of dollars and gallons of blood as we fight (lesser jihad)
each other. I think El Hajj Malik El Shabaz aka Malcom X, is a great testament/example of how
Islam can guide a lost individual to self improvement via greater jihad (internal battle).
Malcom experienced true enlightenment during Hajj in which, he saw that ethnicity/color didn't
matter because in the eyes of Allah (God) we are all brothers. Despite all the hatred he received
in the United States, he was able to combat that hate with the Love & Peace he obtained
through Islam. I know they're Muslim extremist who claim to be true Muslims, but true
Muslims don't attack men women or children. Muhammad left words of knowledge, wisdom,
understanding, love, peace & happiness. It appears that a lot of those who proceeded him lost
the meaning of the divine teaching & lessons as did those who followed Abraham and Yoshua
Ben Yousef aka Jesus. Rather Afghanistan, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo,
Sierra Leone, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Cuba, Haiti, Laos or Myanmar the world is a ghetto i.e.
there are at least 1 billion starving people out of 6.5 billion(world population). All around the
world people dying from starvation but, America has a sport called the competitive world of
eating, now that is some twisted %#&@$!! Based on that kind of greedy behavior I know most of us
will suffer for the way we live, maybe this is hell and we're too dumb to recognize it. Most
faiths/spiritualities/religion s share similar roots/origins. Two in particular are Islam and
Christianity i.e. they both trace their roots back to Abraham, they both believe in a day of
judgment that will result in eternal paradise (heaven) or eternal suffering (hell), both faiths
believe in monotheism (one God), both faiths believe it's justifiable to fight in God's name Islam
calls it jihad and Christians' call it crusades, both Muhammad and Yoshua Ben Yusuf (Jesus) lives
were chronicled/written several centuries after their death (posthumous). I think we (humans)
spend too much time emphasizing the differences we have as oppose to the similarities we
share. The sooner we (humans) realize that we share infinite bonds the sooner all the
bloodshed (genocide, homicide & war) will cease to spill.

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