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IPhone security in epic fail at hacking contest


George Koprowicz is a professional chemist specializing in adhesives, sealants, elastomers and other thermoplastic polymers or plastics. George has one US Patent in this field (5,041,492). George is currently in the freelance writing and consulting business. He has sold some 200+ articles or copy on wristwatches, winning chess, health, travel, luxury jailbreak iphone items, immigration, population issues, translation, cross-cultural issues and others. He currently maintains about 30 active blogs of his own creation. The anchor piece of his blogs is his website called "Homeland Currency Security". This blog was created mainly out of his continuing interest in RFID technology http://www.getprice.com.au/buy -best-iphone.htm and its potential for uses in fields like anti-counterfeiting. He believes there are many unexplored applications for RFID. The website also reflects his interest in other technologies including that of tracking dangerous asteroids and other NEOs. The website includes a copy of his submission to The Planetary Society in response to their RFP on asteroid tracking. His other blogs reflect his interest in a wide variety of topics; humor, cooking, politics, science, biology, zoology and so on. You may contact him through his website http://homelandcurrencysecurit y.blogspot.com

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