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LOS ANGELES A murder-suicide killed two people at the University of California, Los Angeles on Wednesday, shutting down the campus for two hours as officers rrors in camouflage and tactical gear responded to reports of a shooting. | Video

Jun 01 2016

WASHINGTON The United States on Wednesday declared North Korea a "primary money laundering concern," and moved to further block its ability to use the U.S. and world financial systems to fund its weapons programs.

WICHITA, Kansas After moving to Kansas, Tad Stricker visited a state motor vehicle office to perform what he thought was the routine task of getting a new driver's license and registering to vote. | Video


WASHINGTON Part of a U.S. State Department briefing video about secret U.S.-Iran nuclear talks was deliberately deleted at the request of an unknown official before it was posted to an online archive, the department said on Wednesday.

BERLIN The German parliament will approve a symbolic resolution Garden/Mirrors/Wall-Mirror,/ty pe,/2009/subcat.html on Thursday that declares the 1915 massacre of Armenians by Ottoman forces a "genocide", a move that risks aggravating tensions with Turkey at a sensitive time for Berlin and its European partners.

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