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Messages of Sympathy: What to Say When Someone Diesby music love14 months ago

Trying to figure out what to write in a sympathy card? Sympathy card messages are difficult to write. Use these words of sympathy to show your condolences to your friend, relative, or loved one.

My Future England, My Future Britain, Their Future Europe? The EU m/mirror_mirror_2012 Andrew Spacey32 minutes ago

A personal investigation into what it means to be English, British, European. With a hugely important referendum about to be held, I take a closer look at the ins and outs of being a Brit in the EU.

Anti-American Rallies disguised as anti-Trump Ralliesby Ralph Schwartz28 hours ago

When non-citizens are at the heart of a political rally for an Ameican candidate running for anAmerican office, with flags of foreign nations, it's an anti-America rally, plain and simple

How to Winterize your Drip Irrigation Systemby Dean Traylor29 hours ago

It's late spring, but it's never too early to irrors.aspx think about your lawn's drip irrigation system and how to protect it from the winter's frost. Here are few steps to take to prepare for those months.

Why you shouldn't compare yourself to other peopleby Mxdeleinee2 days ago

Social media opens windows into unrealistic depictions of other peoples lives that create unobtainable and imaginary standards.

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