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As Wal-Mart struggles in its global growth, its one bright spot is Chile

Chile is a bright spot in Wal-Mart's international business, which has become ever more important as growth in the U.S. has slowed.

Fears of Zika virus hurting tourism industry in cash-strapped Puerto Rico

The full number of people who have canceled plans to visit or chose another destination is unknowable, but people have cited Zika in the cancellation of at least 42,000 hotel...

Latin America's largest airline will suspend flights to Venezuela

Chile-based LATAM blames the "difficult macroeconomic scenario" affecting the region.

German airline Lufthansa suspending Venezuela flights amid economic crisis

German airline Lufthansa says it is suspending its flights to /dictionary/mirror Caracas, citing the difficult economic situation in Venezuela.

Microsoft, Facebook to run high-speed undersea cable connecting U.S. and Europe

Microsoft and Facebook are building a new underwater Internet cable that will cross the Atlantic Ocean, carrying customers' data between North America and Southern Europe.

WATCH: Venezuelans eating out of trash, raiding trucks due to food shortages

The situation in Venezuela has become virtually apocalyptic. People have reached a tipping point and are literally turning to eating trash for survival.

Cost of corn flour in Venezuela skyrockets 900% as economy continues to slide

The Venezuelan Association of Corn Flour Industrialists pleaded with the Maduro regime for a price increase, arguing that the low government-set price did not meet the cost of...

Puerto Rico bill creating control board to restructure $70M debt clears first hurdle

A bipartisan deal to help Puerto Rico manage its crippling finances cleared its first hurdle Wednesday with approval from a Republican-led House committee.

Brazil announces austerity measures to deal with $48B budget deficit

Brazil's acting president announced austerity measures Tuesday aimed at pulling Latin America's largest economy from its worst crisis in decades, warning that a failure to act...

Bipartisan effort to restructure Puerto Rico's debt faces first House vote

The bill to create a financial control board and restructure some of the U.S. territory's $70 billion debt has support from House Republican and Democratic leaders, as well as...

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer: Puerto Rico bill 'is the best we've got'

Speaking to Fox News on Capitol Hill Tuesday morning, Hoyer said that the bill is the quickest way to help relieve the ailing U.S. territory of the crippling debt it has...


Cuba's regime legalizing small- and medium-sized private businesses

Cuba announced Tuesday that it will legalize small and medium-sized private businesses, a move that could significantly expand the space allowed for private enterprise in one...

Puerto Rico budget proposal includes $200M for critical debt payment

Puerto Rico's governor unveiled a stark budget Monday that sets aside more than $200 million for a critical bond payment as the U.S. territory sinks into a deep economic crisis.

Sugar shortage, economic crisis in Venezuela halt production of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is halting production in Venezuela of its namesake beverage due to a sugar shortage brought on by the country's grinding economic crisis.

Bondholders challenge Puerto Rico's debt-moratorium law in court

Holders of bonds from Puerto Rico's Government Development Bank are suing to challenge aspects of a debt-moratorium law that island officials say is crucial to maintaining...

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