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Eschatology the education of the higher power


Eschatology the education of the higher power Written by Rgardless Devon Victory I honestly gotta say I’m a trill kind’ve person I can be in the form of disbelief-I can be in the form of corrective pices. I gotta say this as far as education I’ve surpassed the belief of background checks every thing in the world was created by man and I am fu*king higher than man beliefs--- education is a form of learning to help destroy and lower people based on education created by humans when that when in toward forth are human and can be smart in their on way. who already know enough for their selves. This is not to take the education from other humans I’m just too clairvoyant and you can not be me I‘m am a true agnostic and it’s not a law in the world that surpasses this. I am the realest - I’m not music - im not writing - im not movies - im not violence - im not reality - im not real - im not fake – in reality im not s*it . But the reality is what I relize is so deep that I’ve been murdered 18 times. Chucky told me that dying is a b*tch and I relevently can composer destruction. ‘ill %#&@$! over myself and others for lord jesus christ again I wil! I will! I will! I swear to god - I will! oh yes thy nature I promise I will- oh yes thy savor I promise I will . Take me now and show me what it feal like to be made out of ceman without asking to be made – and show me how every one in the world feel’s that I’m a devil- For what I write and say—at least that’s what the devil keeps chirping in my ear sitting back with god smoking grenideers and being as one .loding the irrevocable I’m higher leave every body else broke and that’s not me saying this if it was you would have new. This world is great but you’ll still fall victim one way or another even if you have to wait to die—you better use prayer cause them pu*sy a*s spirits can’t waite to give you cancer cant wait to give you an ear ache and blame it on the wind cant wait to give you a stroke and seizure and base it on the way you live – I think I belive most people that have had strokes and seizures did not right like this to get too that stroke or seizure- but the bible says god is a jealous god. (Maraceyaentiaakeenday)ß --- (speaking in tongues) (myraaseeyahendtee-a- key end day) Lets be the reality focus don’t let that game freak you don’t let this writing freak you don’t even let the freak freak you unless you belive that the freak is good for you don’t eat thy apple because instead you can eat the flesh of animals chicken birds have your choice on how you go with your master the master of goodness the masster of bad ness the master of massess. A piece Halph of part one

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