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4 Reasons juicing causes weight gain


We have seen the commercials for the Jack LaLanne juicer, JuiceMan, and Cuisinart juicers. Make healthy, fresh, nutrient-rich juice and your body will love you. Get more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Increase anti-oxidants, vitamins, beta-carotene, and folic acid - more than you could eat if you ingested whole foods. So how can juicing be bad for you?

Many people new to juicing simply start pushing fruits and vegetable through their juicers and drink as much as 2 quarts of fresh juice a day. The problem lies in the high caloric content in juices loaded with fruit. You may not be able to eat an entire pineapple in one day, but you can easily drink one. Most people don't care for the taste of fresh vegetable juice, so they load up on the fruits to make the vegetable juices more palatable. This can actually lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. Here are 4 reasons why juicing can cause weight gain.

1. People don't consider the calorie content of fresh juice. Sweet tropical fruits like pineapple and mango are loaded with sugar, and calories. Grapes, oranges, and apples also have fruit sugar. Just because it is fruit doesn't mean you should consume as much as you want.

2. When juicing, you don't get the fiber from skin or pulp that helps you feel full. And you drink more juice, which means more calories. By removing the fiber, the glycemic index is increased, which raises blood sugar.

3. Juice is absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly, causing blood sugar to rise. If the blood sugar isn't used, it is converted into fat, the same way a candy bar or piece of cake would be converted to fat.

4. Complex carbs are converted into simple carbs. In other words, you aren't getting the benefit of the whole fruit or vegetable. Some of the nutrition is removed and leftover in the pulp in the juicer machine.

Consider switching to smoothies rather than fruit and vegetable juice. You still get the benefit of instant absorption from drinking a nutritious liquid, but the fiber will help you feel full and you will get the benefit of the whole food.

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