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It is difficult to make changes in one's life. Do you agree with this statement?


Because of pass experience, I would have to agree, but I would not say this statement is true for everyone. It truly depends on the person and rather they want to make the changes in their life. In addition, other factors could prevent a person from making changes. Poor finances, can keep a person from doing what they have to do. Poor education can also prevent people from making changes. Therefore, you can say that change is depending upon the person and their situation.



We often ignore other people situation because of the amount of success we have had in life. Our society is so quick to judge others before knowing what the person problems are. Instead of judging, we should assist them in whatever they need to make the change. Due to this observation, I come to realize that it is only one main reason why change is not as easy. Poverty seems to rate #1 on the list.



Poverty unfortunately, has our urban communities in a grip. When an outsider looks into these communities, the first thing to come to mind is, "Why don't these people change?" Believe me, the urban communities want change more than anyone does. However, because of the lack of money, change is not an option for these people. The little money that these people are getting is going to bills. The simplest thing such as returning to school to get an education, takes money, which these people do not have. Change in one's life, is very hard in the urban communities.



I have also came across a few people that could afford to change, but for some reason they did nothing to improve the quality of their life. When asked why, they merely stated that they were comfortable with there surroundings. This blew me away, because they had nothing. I remember talking to one guy; he stated that he worked on his job for over 10 years. Would you believe this person is working below minimal wage? I asked him, "if the company has not up the wages, why are you still there?" His response was, "I don't know." At that point, I had to walk away from him. Looking at his background, he graduated from High School Academically. After high school, he went directly into the Army and became a Military Police Officer. Now, he is working a security job that is only paying him $7.25 an hour. I just could not believe that he wasted part of his life on this job that paid him nothing, and he was ok with that.



Looking back on my life, I would say money was the problem for me. With bills, car repairs, and home repairs going back to school was not an option. It was either, the school cost too much or the time of classes conflicted with my work hours. It was not until my present company offered me a new house for the remaining time I spent with them. Therefore, this opened up an opportunity for me to go back to school.



I am inclined to say, change is easy for those that can do it. For those that want change, but have barriers in the way must keep trying. You are going to run into dead end, but you have to keep searching for ways to better yourself. It took me 10 years to find a school that would allow me to work a full-time job and go to school at the same time. I tried tradition schools where I was going to school at night, but it didn't work for me. I was too tired after work; I had the type of jobs that required manual labor. By the time I got to study for test, I was falling asleep at the table, which I started failing. So, what I did, I changed my career to something that was easy during the day, so that I would have more energy after work.



Sometimes, we just have to plan our next move. If a barrier stands in the way of something, you need to do for yourself. You just have to search for ways around it. Change can happen if you make it happen, it is all up to you.


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