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Subliminal Interracial Sex Promotion #3 -- Desperate (White) Housewives


A Clip from Desperate (To Be White & Superior) Housewives


 (the video above was removed by the "owner" but a pic still says a 1,000 words) 


What does the hit TV show "Desperate Housewives" have in common with promoting INTERRACIAL SEX between black males and white females? Plenty!


Check out the (DELIBERATELY STAGED) contrast between the white females on the show...



and Alfred Woodard (the first black female cast member), who looks at least 15 years older, and 40 to 50 pounds heavier than her white female co-stars.



I asked a black female friend who used to watch Desperate Housewives (until I pointed out the racism and blatant degradation of BW ) if Alfred Woodard ever had a SEXUAL and LOVING relationship with a BM and she said she didn't remember Alfred Woodard even being kissed or hugged ONCE during the entire time she was on the show.


Here's an official description of Alfred Woodard's role as the FIRST BLACK WOMAN on the lily-white "Desperate Housewives:"



Alfre Woodard (search) is joining the cast of "Desperate Houswives" (search) as one of the newest denizens of Wisteria Lane, the first black woman to be a regular cast member. "It's great to be breaking the color barrier, but we're all such fans of her," says co-executive producer Kevin Murphy.


"She's one of the best actresses of her generation and to have her on the show is an incredible honor." "Desperate" sources say Woodard will play a deeply religious, overbearing single mother who moves to Wisteria Lane after her son gets involved in an bad situation with a girl in their old neighborhood.

The first AND only regular black female cast member is cast as an "overbearing single mother" contrast to younger, sexier, sexually active AND MARRIED (they-can-get-a-man) white females... even Alfred's TV black son preferred white females....(see video above)


 ------------------------ ------------------------------ ---


Out of all the SEXY caramel and chocolate-candy black females that could have knocked the HELL out of that paler competition


like....Kenya Moore...  (( wiping sweat from forehead ))




or a golden brown goodie like Sanaa Lathan  (( looking over shoulder to see if wife is in the room ))




 or Gabrielle Union... (( ding dong! ))





or Danai Gurira.... (( good googely-moogely! ))



Instead of these FINE, FOXY black, talented ACTRESSES, they chose....Alfred Woodard....a 58 year old MISMATCH in a cast of
30-and-early-40s-something, supposed to be sexy white females ....which is the MAIN REASON THEY CHOSE ALFRED WOODARD...


White TV/Hollywood producers KNOW Kenya, Sanaa, Gabrielle and Danai would straight YANK the eye (and the attention) away from the paler skinned "superior" white females, and would have STOLEN THE SHOW. Everybody's used to seeing the cookie-cutter, carbon copy white female, the body's the same, the skin's the same, other than color, the hair's the same, hell, even the noses and lips look the same




The black female is UNIQUE, her sexy eyes, luscious lips, banging, curvy body, her walk, her talk, her style, and her rich BROWN and DARK skin gives her the kind of sexual confidence that DOMINATES whatever scene she is in --


and that's why white Hollywood has a BLACK OUT of BEAUTIFUL, BLACK ACTRESSES --- unless they are either light or bi-racial, are overweight (and non-threatening), the only roles a black female can get is playing a demonic, evil, or just plain ignorant and nasty character....


that would turn off ANY man -- including a black man -- who gets a steady dose of this imagery...


The INTERRACIAL SEX subliminal PROGRAMMING is designed to send a message to the UNCONSCIOUS BLACK MAN that black females are inferior to white females and if a black man wants a woman who will "make him proud" (give him status in the eyes of other men, especially white men), he BETTER GET A WHITE FEMALE


Case in point -- Vanessa Williams is joining the cast of Desperate Housewives next season but check out what "white Hollywood/TV" calls "diversity." 



No doubt, Vanessa is a beautiful black female, but the problem here is she is the ONLY TYPE of black female who is allowed to be "beautiful."


In other words, to be considered beautiful and sexy, a black female MUST be closer to white in appearance than black.


If they allow Vanessa to have a "sex life" with a man, my bet is he will be a white male... aka a "white man's w*hore". (Can anybody spell "Halle Berry?)


White supremacy (the real message behind the subliminal message) ALSO penalizes the vanilla and lemon creme (light-skinned) black females because:




so even while Vanessa is a light-skinned black female, her INCLUSION is STILL all about white supremacy (and the superiority of the white OR white-appearing female)


If a self-hating, status-seeking, white-supremacy-addicted black male wants the "best" that womanhood has to offer, why should he stop at the LIGHT-SKINNED black female? Why not go all out and get a white female? (Somebody should have pulled Vanessa's coat).



Rick Fox with Vanessa




Rick Fox after divorcing Vanessa (or vice versa)




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