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What are Some Great Drug Test Cups?


In accordance with the latest figures, drug abuse is increasing everyday. Many companies and even educational institutions are now using drug test cups to prevent mishaps. Drug testing cups allow you to relax in peace and conserve your cash. Most tests for drugs are derived from urine samples. Here is a listing of some good drug test cups. 1. E-Z Incorporated Split Key Cup It is a durable and very tough cup that would be suitable for transporting samples. It might be used by both men and women. It's two hard plastic chambers too. It has a leak proof lid to prevent contact and dunking with the sample. It has a shelf life of up to 24 months. It is extremely easy to use. The final results are 99% accurate. 2. iCup Drug Screen Cup It is self contained drug test cup and the most straightforward single step. There are up to 13 panel computer configurations as well as comes with a temperature strip to determine the freshness of the specimen. Additionally, it provides a visual photocopy of the drug test. There is absolutely no condition for pouring or dipping with this single unit. You do not need any training that is professional to use this drug test cup. 3. Noble Split Specimen Cup This is a designed drug test cup to remove donor tampering and pee handling problems. It provides an exceptional and efficient strategy for instant drug testing. This drug testing cup provides 12 panel configurations to you. You get really accurate results in a matter of few minutes. 4. Noble One Step Multi-panel Cup It really is CLIA that offers efficient and unique testing results for a panel of 12 kinds of drugs at the exact same time. It is hardly difficult to use this drug testing cup. It comes with a screw top lid that prevents adulteration strips and donor tampering. You'll get results that are completely accurate within 5 minutes. 5. Noble ToxCup It is a cup that is very easy to use drug test. It lets you examine 14 distinct types of drugs at the exact same time. The secure screw top lid eliminates donor tampering and pee handling. It helps to determine the potential use of nearly all drugs. The results could be gained in a matter of 5 minutes. 6. DrugCheck NxStep Cup This drug test cup ensures to offer you the most accurate results. In addition, it has the option if required to ascertain the content of alcohol,. It comes with 12 panel test configuration. This drug test cup was made to create a quantitative visual result within 10 minutes. This product is fabricated specifically for professional uses only and is made in USA. It also has a female friendly lid and it has no managing problems.

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