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im an electrician thinking about becoming an electrical engineer...ideas?


Consequently if that's the portion an individual like, you'll love it.

I knew an engineer (civil) whom consulted along with signed off upon borings with regard to bridge bents and also road tunnels. Simply No claustrophobia with regard to which job!

So you'll need to pass through your programs throughout math and science, yet your current everyday perform will most likely be much more inside the field. Anyway, he had all regarding the physics as well as calculus, along with had finished obs/list/q-landfill+gas+techni cian the particular degree, however his enjoy was area work.

Good luck!

. I noticed him have himself lowered right in to a hole 24 inches in diameter as well as 375 feet deep. I asked him how he could tell in the big event the rock was sufficiently strong for that foundation, and he said, "I could smell it." Engineers don't always talk about their particular secrets!

The Majority Of engineers invest about 1/3 associated with their time in office and also meetings, as well as 2/3 inside the field receiving banged up as well as greasy

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