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Top 10 Best & Worst Brands for Extensions & Weaves (Vote, Comment & Educate)


The most popular request for a hair stylists is the application of: Extensions, Weaves and now the ever so growing market of Lace Wigs.


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More importantly, besides finding a stylist who's skilled in hair augmentation..... you need to know the quality of hair you're about to spend your hard earned money on.

The "hair industry" knows this and loves to prey on the less informed potential customers, by selling less than stellar hair and packaging it as Remy or Virgin Hair.....

When, in fact, most hair is collected from the ground and from brushes, while others mix their hair with synthetic or animal fibers called, fillers, to save money. These vendors focus more on QUANTITY rather than QUALITY and it's becoming more of an epidemic in this loosely regulated hair industry.

This blog is here to give you the pros and cons of some very popular and not so popular brands and vendors in the game. Feel free to add your review on your brand(s) of choice or let us know who to stay away from and why.... I'll being adding my reviews within the reply area like you.

The wait is over.... The verdict is in.





A list of the Hair Brands in Question. Feel free to answer the poll and leave your opinion about your Favorite or Least Favorite Brand of hair for Extensions, Fusion, Micro-Links or a Weave...

* Wagmans
* Extensions Plus
* Arjuni
* Halley's Curls
* Dream Girls
* Indique Virgin
* Bobbi Boss (Dena Cali)
* Outre Premium or Velvet
* Goddess Remi
* Model Model DreamWeaver
* Supreme Hair
* R.S.V.P. Virgin Remi
* Bohyme
* Hollywood Virgin Remy
* Janet Collection
* Great Lengths
* Beverly Johnson
* Black Diamond
* Capelli
* His & Her Hair Goods
* Zury
* Hair Dynasty
* Saga
* Freetress
* Ego Extensions

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Female, Age Private, North Hollywood, CA

Posted October 30, 2010


From a stylist's point of view, who frequents this place and has dealt with soooo many Beauty Supply Stores and Vendors, I couldn't begin to count..... I've never had an issue with Extensions Plus' customer service or their hair quality, thus far. I receive great deals, as a licensed cos., and my client's never have had an issue with the quality of hair either.

Their prices may seem a little steep for the "weave novice", but if you are an avid weave - extension - wig wearer, this place is definitely the best hair for your buck, hands down! The hair lasts over a year, a lot of times for two, which is almost non-existent when it comes to other brands of hair.

NO shedding.... NO tangling....No excess color bleeding....100% Indian, Italian, and European Hair available..... It's a very popular place to run into a celebrity or two also!... Ya'll, e'rrybody and 'dey momma's rockin' a weave now-a-days, so it's nice to see the Mickey D's worker to the A-List Celeb.... all with one goal in mind... to look fly!

The hair usually comes in 3 oz increments... and you need about 6-8 oz's for a nice full weave or set of extensions, so it's always wise to get about 9 oz's.... They manufacture their own wefts, wigs and closures, so requesting different colors and textures is fairly simple.
My favorite's Zig Zag Wavy... but they have many textures to choose from, like Relaxed Roots (exact match with relaxed hair), Relaxed Texture, Indian Blend, Silky Relaxed Texture, Italian and European.

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