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New BlackPlanet Homepage is Live!


A few months back, we provided a sneak peek at the new BlackPlanet homepage and received some great feedback. And now it is ready to go live! Here are a few of the updates:

Activity Feed - The activity feed now includes updates from everyone on BlackPlanet, members in your city and from your friends. Get a pulse on what’s new and share your own updates with the community. You’ll soon be addicted! Just interested in your friends? The homepage will default to the last activity feed you looked at, so just click the friends tab.

Homepage cleanup - We’ve simplified the homepage so you can meet new people and navigate to other sections of the site. 

Updated privacy settings – If your profile is set to public, photo uploads and status updates will appear in the activity feed for everyone to see. But you can always update your preferences here end_center/settings.html.

What do you think? Share your feedback below!

- The BlackPlanet team


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