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Blackplanet " Lottery " (Scam)


Hey Guys,

We would like to make everyone aware that Blackplanet is NOT hosting a lottery and will not be hosting a lottery in the future.  If you should have questions about any contest or giveaways which directly involve Blackplanet please feel free to contact us by clicking the Help button located on the top right corner of the homepage and spread the word to your friends and family on Blackplanet.


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We would also like to also encourage members NOT to send money or checks to anyone who you do not know personally.  We receive a lot of complaints about overseas scammers, this is not only a Blackplanet issue but a World Wide Web issue.


- Member Advocate

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Female, 68, Richmond, VA

Posted August 08, 2012


I received this Lottery scam also I see their getting desperate now their going to try the dating site. They really think we are stupid people to fall for the okie dok. They need to get a life.


Female, 29, North York, ON

Posted July 11

So I guess It's my turn. I just received the fake lotto scam asking for so much of my personal info in order to claim my non-existent million dollars. These scammers need to take a seat somewhere and stop trying to pickpocket over the internet.

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