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What Does Lexus, Pampers, State Farm, and Burger King REALLY think of their Black Customers?


 I was going to chill my way into the new year, but thanks to Blknall (who just sent me a link to the Lexus ad) I HAD to take one last shot at the (mass media) enemies of BLACK LOVE, BLACK FAMILY, and BLACK UNITY before I called it a year.




Once again, the BW is INVISIBLE, and the BM is paired with the WW -- an older one this time, which suggests he's the boy toy of a successful white female corporate type. (I would go deeper into why the mass media INSISTS of pairing BM with WW which has to do with black male melanin and fertility, fear of white genetic extinction, and increasing WW sexual dominance of an inferior (black) person, but I'll save that for our SECOND book (due out in January, will keep u posted).



I saw this Pampers commercial today, where they played the lullaby "Silent Night" showing pics of babies from all over the world, and didn't see ONE BLACK BABY out of a dozen, and my first thought was: How could you NOT have a black baby in that commercial, considering the amount of money black folk spend on PAMPERS?





I thought about the Usher and Beyonce cologne commercials and how the BM or BW are always solo



OR paired with a WHITE love interest -- NEVER a black one - especially if they're a BM




I thought about the Burger King commercials that show BM acting like freaky, disrespectful of women, sexual predators, harrassing (an kinda, sorta, black) BW - which, of course, would turn off the average, intelligent black woman





OR they show a BW and BM together, with the BW behaving in such a way that would, of course, turn off the average, intelligent black man....



To add insult to major insult, almost all blacks in TV commercials are BI-RACIAL BLACKS because they are ENCOURAGING US to breed with whites and BREED OURSELVES OUT OF EXISTENCE... which may explain why there were NO black babies in that Pampers commercial....


And so I can't help but think -- as an average, intelligent black man -- that they are trying to DRIVE THE BM AND BW APART to destroy our BLACK LOVE, BLACK FAMILY, AND BLACK UNITY (which is what our 2nd book -- due out in January -- is about).


So, instead of wishing everyone a "Happy New Year,"


I'd like to encourage ALL OF US to think about the companies we patronize and whether their advertising respects OR disrespects the black consumer's dollars AND our common sense....



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