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What's your sexual IQ?
You got 100.0%. You're a SEX-PERT.

Answers and explanations are below.
1. Do sperm have brains?

* Yes
* No

A brainless sperm must swim a marathon to find the illusive egg. Learn how he knows where to swim in my upcoming book: "Do Sperm Have Brains?"
2. In most men, which testicle dangles lower?

* The Left
* The Right
* Neither

About 80% of men are "left-balled" - oddly the same percentage as those that are right-handed.
3. Which womanly characteristic is NOT observed in other mammals?

* Fatty Breasts
* Menstruation
* Pregnancy

Women are the only mammals with permanently enlarged (fatty) mammary glands, hence the invention of the bra.
4. Which animal also reaches sexual maturity as a teenager?

* Tiger
* Elephant
* Grizzly Bear

Wild elephants can get pregnant around age 13, while tigers and grizzly bears can become sexually active as young as 3 years old.

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