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RL Bond got into Porn


An interesting article on RL Bond : Why famous Model RL Bond ventured into Porn before Modelling?

Shocking but revealing. Probably we would never want to accept or believe such thing but do we have any other choice?

RL Bond is one of the most adorable and beautiful black guy (model) I have known. He is hardworking, fixed (to his goals) and ambitious. 

"He electrifies the camera images", claim phothographers.

"He intensifies and energizes marketing campaigns, promotions, commercials and live appearances"

RL Bond brings everything he involves himself in to a new level.

It seems RL Bond started modeling after finishing college on a basketball scholarship. But an injury led him indirectly to the world of modeling. 

27 years old RL Bond is of  6'2" height   and has also appeared in many television commercials, campaigns, runway shows and on BET and MTV. He was featured in the Trina music video for "I'm Single Again."

He was featured in R&B songstress Beyoncé's I Am... tour promotion. He was also the face of Sean John's Tailor Fit Collection.

Despite all these success stories, in the remote allies of darkness lives Marcus, a gay porn star; the other side of RL Bond.

Marcus is a gay porn star who worked with Corbin Fisher. Corbin Fisher is an American film studio with a focus in gay pornography.  In September 2005, Marketing director Eddie K characterized Corbin Fisher as among "new hit gay porn sites that specialize in straight guys"

 In the year 2005, RL Bond had a wild metamorphosis into Marcus. On Aug 23, 2005 Marcus began his gay porn career with Corbin Fisher doing solo porn.

He then had sex with Logan assuming the top position on October 4, 2005.

This porn video earned him good reputation among gay porn viewers and earned him many fans.

On December 20, 2005 Marcus submitted his anus to another gay porn star known as Kyle in Corbin Fisher.

And on July 27, 2006 Marcus made a hetero sex porn with porn actress Bianca at Corbin Fisher.

We are not sure if there is/are any other porn videos/movies he made with Corbin Fisher or any other porn studios. But even these four videos are enough to shock his friends, family and fans.

We are not interested to know why RL Bond got into porn.  We are pretty sure that RL Bond regrets his past infamous acts.  However, whatever damage is done is already done. It's also interesting that none of these videos are easily available online.  Except for a torrent download, these videos are not available online for free download or purchase.  Even you can't get it at Corbin Fisher.  Kudos to RL Bond. At least he has cleaned up the mess!

As the article claim, we have to really think before we succumb to indecency and immorality.

Curiosity kills the cat.  Luckily this cat escaped!






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