Pain in a Shattered dream

Only those who lived life can put the pieces back together.........



Change me if you can (poem)

When I was lost I didnt know where I was ending up
But when everyone left me I was down on my luck
If there was a chance for me to change, where can I start
I thought it was no chance at it when my life fell apart
Hope was a burden that I couldnt risk
Reality's wake up call never done me like this
I know my choice of a better life is next to zero
While sit in despair wishing my time was here though
I walked around in so much agony and grief
Alot of people took away my happiness so theres more than one thief

I turned around my ways around hoping to find peace
Through the grace of the lord I turned away from the street
I wish I couldve healed my heart through the pain
If David Ruffin was alive he'd wish it would rain
Still waters run deep as you reflect on stuff
I tried everything in my heart but it dont feel thats its enough
Why am I hard on myself wishing to be forgiven
Ive contemplated thoughts on not living
I can be deeper than deep for as long as I can
I hope and pray that the lord can forgive me as I take another stand :)

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