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4 Things To Be Added In Clash Royale


Clash Royale March Update is coming soon, I hope you guys are enjoying this game. You might have read Clash Royale February updatedetails, If not read that. Alot of things such as new troops, New arenas and many other stuffs are about to be added in upcoming Clash Royale March Update. Its expected that the Clash Royale March Update will be on mid of the March along with the global launch.

In this article i will list out the things which are going to be added in this Clash Royale Big Update. Already Clash Royale is out for Android, Pc, IOS. If you want to play this game on your android mobile device, Check the article here. The game is going very intresting and addictive.4 New Things Expected To Be Added In Clash Royale March UpdateNew Arena Rank

If you have started playing Clash Royale, You would have known definitely about the arenas which we may call as leagues in Clash Of Clans language. A new arena called Builder's workshop will be added, So now the arenas will be

Goblin Stadium

Bone Pit

Barbarian Bowl

P.E.K.K.A s Playhouse

Spell Valley

Builders Workshop

Royal Arena

Legendary Arena

New trainers are expected to be added and their names will be Clint, Basil, Sybil, Arnold, Dopey, Martey and many others.New Varities Of Chests

Giant Chest

Super Magical Chest

Super Magical Chest is expected to be given as bonus in Legendary arena and it is expected that it contains more amount of epic cards around 4.New Spell

A new spell called poision spell is going to be added in Clash Royale March Update. game-cheats.org The poision spell will slow down the enemy troops and drain their energy to some extent.

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