Pain in a Shattered dream

Only those who lived life can put the pieces back together.........



The Life I Live (poem)

This is the life I live not the life I chose
What path lies ahead of me? who knows
But in our path, we shall grow
There isnt answer to why we are so different
But as we tell our story of hope, others can listen
For people who grew up harshly I relate too easily
Pain was done to you all even me
I wish I can turn back the hands of time
To change the wrong turns in this life of mine

Im glad that I grew up the way I did
Because I promise to never hurt my wife nor beat my kids
I hope to marry with a wife and family
To have a rock soild woman who understands me
And for us to grow so heavenly

I guess for now I must live my life to do my own thing
And wait patiently until its time to find a wedding ring
I guess soon enough from this painful life I lead
I wish that I can beg God to hear my tearful plea
Love with a woman who stand soulfully with you
Is the reason why I lived to wait for that woman thats so true

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