Pain in a Shattered dream

Only those who lived life can put the pieces back together.........



The Old Soul of Rudolph Ruffin

He wrote the words to make you relate and cry
He lives his life to Old School root until he dies
Rudolph is'nt perfect but atleast he tries
He describes the meaning of love and people as Heavenly
He wrote many things about his life and lives it like the 70s
Thoughts of him helping others often traced his own growth
He's no angel but he is a person uniquely that you can get to know
If you befriend him long term or short lived
His influence is one nobody will ever forget

His only wish was just live his life and be married
Many of his female friends to wait, but he was destined to make the memories he wanted to carry
I guess he knows the times of blessings require a long wait
But his heart wants to spread love and knowledge, not hate
Other pains you can see in his eyes are clear to see
Even when he's laughing with you and me
Rudolph's aim to people does'nt require perfection
But it's to help you grow and go in the right direction

The music of his mind and the heart of his old soul will speak
No matter how far or how deep but all of you in his heart he will keep..........

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