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petition to peacefully depose the pope of rome for IMF treason.



please be advised that the politicians in Jamaica are a set of rogue jesuit (secret society of jesus) minded individuals that are self destructive in their capitalistic nature to preserve facism. At no fault of their own, African expatriates in Jamaica have been de-culturalized an de-humanized psycologically, and left to mentally destroy themselves with an end of the world theory coming from the Vatican unholy see's supremacy doctrine. We will be coming into the embassy for a private audience with you this week, and maybe charge d affair isaiah parnell, as long as we recieve confirmation of our diplomatic reception under international human rights law,,,,thank you kindly!

Mo'a Anbassa Etsie - conquering Lion hath prevailed as Elect of God

Dated this 16th day of May, 2011.

The Prince of Power (Mesfin Haile),

Guided by the purposes and principles of the Divine Covenant (UN charter) which was gifted to humanity by the Lion of Judah in Ethiopia himself; in good human rights faith in the fulfilment of the lawful obligations assumed by States in accordance with the UN charter

Affirming that indigenous natives in Jamaica are treating themselves unfairly, unjustly and without regard to fundamental equality; due to Jesuit (secret society of jesus) domination of schools, churches an commercial banks

Affirming that each individual on the planet has a legal an lawful obligation to the fulfilment of the purposes and principles of the UN charter, without Jesuit interference of any kind.

Re-affirming that the constitution of Jamaica is a living document, due to the fact that Her Majesty the Queen of England's scribes invoked 'vested powers' upon Her representative governor-general, and that the constitution itself, under interpretation and effects, says that this constitution (mind an body) is the supreme law of Jamaica.

Concerned that the political, intellectual, monetary an ecclesiastical realms in Jamaica are plagued with Jesuit minded persons, bent on tacitly submitting indigenous natives in Jamaica to the Vatican unholy see' insidious supremacy doctrine under IMF globalization policies

Recognizing that all indigenous natives in Jamaica have been de-culturalized, de-humanized while being commercially exploited by foreign IMF investors, who dominate Jamaica under a secret Jesuit order from the Vatican unholy see

Recognizing also that this is an unprecedented universal human rights claim to absolute political, intellectual, monetary an ecclesiastical equality with the Jesuit Order, as Ethiopian Nobles are politically non-aligned with this unrighteous renegade secret order

Welcoming the fact that indigenous natives in Jamaica are organizing themselves for political, economic, social an cultural enhancement and in order to bring an end to IMF Jesuit globalization policies, for the sole purpose of raising the standard of living by milestones

Concerned that indigenous natives in Jamaica have the human right to self determination and shall be accommodated under international human rights law

Considering the significant ramifications of universal liberation from under Jesuit domination (diplomatic immunity under international law) and the fact of a New Debt Free Kingdom of Jamaica for the natives in Jamaica

Emphasizing that the sovereign voice of the people is the highest form of democratic governance, and that constitutions were put in place to restrain defacto government service corporations from infringing upon the sovereign (political free will) human rights of the individual

Recognizing an reaffirming that indigenous individuals are entitled without discrimination to all human rights recognized in international law, and that indigenous natives in Jamiaca possess collective rights, which are indispensable for their existence, well-being and integral development as human beings

Believing that the Jesuit Order have deceived the African expatriates in Jamaica concerning Christ (the Anointed One of Ethiopia), so they will religiously persecute him face to face upon his arrival, for a mythological zeitgeist from the Vatican unholy see

Knowing that, with the Divine Powers (knowledge) of the Human Rights Law of fundamental equality for all, universal righteousness (legal an lawful uprightness) will exalt a sovereign Debt Free Kingdom of Jamaica

Solemnly proclaim the END OF IMF JESUIT GLOBALIZATION POLICIES in Jamaica ; so that equal human rights and universal justice may liberate the people from constitutional commercial bondage and into a NEW AGE OF FREEDOM under Our Elect of God in Ethiopia 's Divine Covenant (UN charter)



This proclamation is duly affirmed by the Absolute Divine Anointed Son of Abba Jahnoy (Emperor Haile Selassie I), the Most Prodigal Son of the Human Rights Law-giver, Luel Ras Mesfin Haile Selassie I, so that prophecy may be fulfilled in the coming Year of the Jubliee, where we will DEMAND Satan's (slanderer an resistor to human brotherhood - pope) Jesuit Order to diplomatically release all commercial captives (1st an 2nd class citizens of all nation states); return all property (tangible and intangible) with the full restoration of fundamental equality between all; and the land (planet) shall lie fallow for two seasons (years), until all economies are self reliant and self sufficient in the interest of the natives it serves

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