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Catherine Ferguson Academy - Young Mothers and Pregnant Girls ARRESTED!


We often pay lip service to education in America, but the Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit is a symbol of our educational commitment in action. Unfortunately, this unique all girls high school for pregnant girls and young mothers is being shut down. This is their story.

The following article is a collection of snippets from The Rachel Maddow Show blog. I have chosen to package these various blogs to share the plight of these young mothers and pregnant girls doing their best to obtain an education in Detroit by attending the Catherine Ferguson Academy school that addresses their particular needs. They face an uphill battle with an astounding lack of options to find recourse due to the Financial Emergency Status that effectively cancels out their local government and places all the power in the hands of one man. Watch the video. Follow the links. Please above all else share with your friends, family, co-workers, church members and anyone else you know. Education is so vital. Without out it how will America be able to compete globally in order to recover? ews/rstreeter/black-pregnant-s tudents-arrested-for-attending -school-in-detroit/

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