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Herpes Test Positive And Negative 2017


The World Health Organization estimates that two-thirds of the world's residents (approximately 3.7 billion women and men) are living with herpes virus. A lot of men and women infected with the herpes virus have no idea they have the virus.

Why do you need to think of the herpes virus lab tests even if you have no break outs? If a person has herpes virus, he or she may pass it to various other people even when there are no symptoms present (it is called asymptomatic shedding). That is why it is very crucial for each person to get checked for the herpes virus whenever possible.

There are a number of the herpes virus lab tests options, and it is crucial for you to choose the right one.

DNA Herpes Exam

When there are active herpes virus sores found, it is suggested to have DNA lab test (PCR) for the most precise results. This sort of herpes virus screening finds the inherited material of the HSV virus in a sample (swab of cold sores, blood, clear fluid, plasma, serum). This technique may also figure out what form of the virus - HSV-1 or genital herpes - exists in the sample. DNA herpes virus tests is a accurate and fast technique to get tested for the herpes virus.

Viral Culture HSV Test

Viral culture herpes virus screening uses cells or fluid from a recent sore to grow HSV. It is just one of the most preferred methods to spot herpes. However, viral culture has a very high rate of falsely negative results and, thus, it is a lot less accurate than DNA lab test. Viral culture herpes virus lab test is a lot more well-performing if taken after the primary exposure to the herpes virus.

Anti-bodies Herpes Lab Tests

It is recommended to get a blood test that can find herpes virus anti bodies if there are no signs and symptoms present. If an individual gets infected with the herpes virus, their immune system develops antibodies (necessary proteins) to eliminate the virus. And and so if there are anti bodies located in a system, it means that an individual is contaminated with HSV. Keep in mind, that it takes a few weeks (and, oftentimes, up to six months) for a man or woman to develop anti bodies after very first exposure to the herpes virus. After that, anti-bodies stay in a system for good.

A type specific the herpes virus IgG testing could tell the difference among HSV-1 and genital herpes antibodies present in the blood test.

Herpes virus is a very common virus. HSV-1 (canker sore) could be passed via sharing spoons and beverages, kissing, and in click to get tested for herpes the course of oral sex. HSV-2 (herpes) is a sexually-transmitted disease that is spread via skin to skin contact.

If you have herpes virus symptoms or not, it is vital to get tested for herpes to take care of your loved ones and yourself. Instead, find a herpes testing lab close to you, order tests online at fantastic rates, and obtain your results by e-mail afterwards.

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