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Woodworking companies find a happy home on the Web. (Woodworkers on the Web).


His very first shop had been in the garage and

when he relocated to a double garage, he felt similar to he'd really

arrived. "Six-plus a prolonged time ago, items on the Web were a lot more

basic. "Today, you have to be on the Web. Schurch

and many others provide portfolios associated with his or her work as well, generally in the

form involving thumbnail photos. "The concept with the website is good and also we

want to build about that, adding much more thumbnail photos and more


Lorentz' organization developed its site, www.ovationcabinetry.com

in-house. We

go in order to trade shows, operate room ads along with possess a presence about the Web,

It's almost all an interconnected effort in order to publicize our organization and

products. Your artisan, designer and

craftsman designs and also tends to make cabinetry with regard to kitchens and also baths too as

the remaining home.

Kalbach said he envisions modernizing your website every six months.

"We begin to determine the web site as one facet of publicizing our organization. Get all of it laid out as well as understand the costs. I don't anticipate the

Web site for you to generate sales, yet I like getting in a place to direct potential

clients there so these people really could understand with regards to us to see what we do inside our


Mize believes Internet websites are usually perfect with regard to high-end residential

cabinetry companies just like his. "We possess some really computer-savvy individuals here and we

researched various other web sites just before building ours." The Actual site is

attractive and straightforward, featuring item info alongside with

lush photography. I picked designers close to enough in my experience that will I could visit these when

I want to create changes."

"We up-to-date our Internet website to ensure that it fits in using the rest of

our advertisement program. It offers information concerning the company, as well as a

bar showcase together with photos as well as sketches of well-liked designs. Many of our business, a few 98 percent, comes

from referrals. His organization provides maintained the Web web site for the past year.

"I made a choice to develop a web site because I had been making use of the Net myself and

becoming aware of how useful it is to access information. "Learn whatever you can about the designer and also what you

want your net site to do as well as say. I made a choice to go

with any Net web site instead. Discover what's out

there. I utilized to have to spend a few time explaining that I has been and also what I do,

and subsequent up with pricey mailings. These Days our web site provides more graphic interest, more information, more

sophistication and also functions. Your business manufactures retail store fixtures with regard to chain stores,

hair salons as well as spas and also does high-end residential work. The Actual site

will answer an awful lot associated with concerns as well as weed out the 'tire

kickers' that are just looking.". His web site furthermore includes a resume, related

articles, links, purchasing information, query form arid contact


His Web site provides a approach to market his work and workshops as well

as a range of specialty resources he sells. Schurch begins by getting an "artist

statement" under his photograph. It provides an excellent

tool plus a fantastic approach to existing our products--a picture really will be worth

1,000 words."

With greater than 6 many years about the world Broad Web, Canyon Creek

Cabinet Co. the products

he produces through red oak can be bought by distributors, often through

catalogs. We function closely with our

clients; we advertise that we help them help to make dreams arrive true. He, like various other woodworkers, lists his professional associations.

"I belong for the NKBA and record it on my small site. Since then, his company, Levi Mize Woodcraftsman Inc., located

in Camarillo, CA, has exploded dramatically. "I didn't want

something overly ornate or perhaps as well complex. "Most of

what we do can be commercial work. We use modular construction techniques so

that the actual bars could be easily shipped along with assembled almost all over the


Every Picture Tells Any Story

In 1998, Mize obtained a Yellow Pages advertisement with regard to $6,000 along with had been very

disappointed in the insufficient curiosity it generated. "It's a very cost-effective way of marketing,"

said Schurch. Your company, located in

Arcata, CA, has been founded in 1977 by co-owners Don Wallace and also Tom Hinz.

Weaver cautions newcomers to the Internet to determine on the designer

carefully. the cost of

maintaining a site runs concerning $1 a day, and there are usually nominal service fees for

updates. "I begin to see the Net website like a means of receiving people

interested throughout finding out more about us. The

second site is actually well executed and the actual man credits his son David, an employee

at Wooden Mallet, along with helping design the site. Numerous additional websites offer similar

personalized messages, both within the form of your business history or a

mission statement or philosophy. throughout Salina, KS, can be a

custom maker associated with kitchen as well as bath cabinetry. Everland

isn't positive what your woman earned from your ex instructor, nevertheless feedback from

visitors may be great and in which he provides the web site higher marks as a starting

point along with entry for the Web. His organization was

founded within 1995 and in which he sells his high-end goods through the dealer

network. you possess to create sure

that your web site works. "The web site can be 3 for you to 4 years associated with age however has

undergone numerous 'evolutions,'" stated Hinz. Before

that, he had a site that was developed from the state regarding South Dakota. Yet almost all say on this personal computer age, a existence around the Internet is actually a


Paul Schurch is not only a custom woodworker specializing in

decorative veneer, marquetry and inlay, he's in addition a teacher involving the

highly distinctive artistic techniques he discovered throughout Europe. The Particular historical

information is actually included, says Hinz, simply because "we really feel we have

continued the actual tradition of designing and also creating great bars.

There's the rich history here that individuals really feel we have to communicate as

well as honor. The Particular web site offers a sales device for our goods however it

also provides a jobs device since we can advertise job

opportunities. I

would research the sites of individuals performing everything you do. Testimonies and also back links are generally also

included too as an area upon bar features. "If someone

calls about our item as well as where a person can obtain it, it's super easy to

direct these to our Net site, www.woodenmallet.com, where we have product

information along with back links for you to catalogs exactly where they're able to order it."

When Levi Mize arrived at California coming from Virginia 16 a long time ago, he

worked from your again of his pickup. I think everybody ought to become able to be on the Web."

Web Web Sites Mature with Experience

Schurch stated initial expenses included the actual $3,500 set-up. He estimates in which by simply directing

people in order to www.schurchwoodwork.com he saves a minimal of 10 hours any month in

time formerly expended carrying out administrative tasks. I

would recommend having the task completed simply by those who specialize in Web

design. The Actual Santa

Barbara, CA-based furniture craftsman finds the actual Internet offers an ideal

avenue with regard to showcasing his work and business as well as publicizing his growing

educational services.

Kreber has currently established his present Net site pertaining to a lot a lot more than a couple of years. A Person can

tell you for you to definitely 'Take any examine our Web site,' however, you want to

make the people connection along with do adhere to up."

Joe Lorentz, CEO regarding Ovation Cabinetry Inc. associated with Monroe, WA, may rightly call itself among the actual pioneers

of woodworking about the Web. The initial ended up being produced in-house, but right after a

year plus a half, the company visited an ad agency in order to develop any more

sophisticated site. This is a

very visual means of communicating."

THE WORLD WIDE WEB has been attracting almost all method associated with businesses,

eager to profit on the most recent advertising tool, and additionally the woodworking

industry isn't any exception. Our feedback continues to be very

positive. "It's just another way for a

client to obtain in order to recognize us and furthermore the items we do. for Schurch, the actual artist statement gives

potential customers along with students a method of mastering more about him. Yet your Internet site is a great method to have your business name out

there, plus it supplies a great deal of bang for your buck. Throughout your past, I would have had

to produce a new mailing."

Jason Everland can be one of 3 people that just love Madsen Fixture &


Canyon Creek Cabinet Co. A New showroom area will come equipped having a downloadable

Flash player, which may be required to run the showroom.

Wooden Mallet Keeps Up with The Times

Ditching Yellow Pages for your Web

Madsen Plans Upgrade for you to Display Versatility

Schurch co-designed his Internet site together with professionals. "When I became available having a new video, I just had the

agency add the data in order to my Web site. Regarding example, our outside revenue folks can

get e-mail coming from our Net site."

Visit Wallace & Hinz Bars Net website at www.whbars.com and also you

will locate an entertaining, attractive, fact-filled site total along with a

history in the American bar and also vintage photos. "David hired a firm

to develop the particular site, however he has been in charge of telling them what we

needed. I save the time and cash simply by being

able to share with any person having a question to check out my Web site. spend the time to plan and punctiliously define everything you want to

accomplish. We feel our

Web website is but one part of our advertising strategy. The Particular website features a

sense regarding humor. "We bought a

big, color advertisement and I feel we got three calls from it. I has been very concerned with regards to how

quickly and also easily issues can be downloaded. It's an excellent instrument if you take the particular time and also power to develop and

plan it correctly."

John Kalbach, marketing and also advertising director with regard to Fleetwood Fixtures, Redding,

PA, said his organization is about its second generation Web site,

www.fleetwoodfixtures.com. In addition in order to showing our new service me, it

communicates which we have got been as well as what we do."

Weaver stated the actual web site provides prospective customers the way of finding

out about the organization along with its items and a approach to contact them.

"We had been following a product-based Net site, and many types of our decisions

about what items to consist of flowed through in which premise. Portal questioned a range of manufacturers with

well-developed Internet web sites to speak concerning the experience. Each websites were designed by

professionals, nevertheless the most recent edition reflects the overall changes in

Web sites. A number Of companies

chose to be able to create their own Net site in-house, while some seek professional

expertise. Is Truly A Web Pioneer

The Wallace & Hinz Web website is really as elaborate since the bars the

company manufactures. Hits towards the web site cause inquiries and it's an excellent

way of having our title for the dealers," mentioned Lorentz.

"However, this remains a very people-oriented business. We wished to showcase our products, answer questions concerning the

company and also tell individuals the method to discover distributors."

Web Web Site Saves Period along with Money

Like many woodworkers, his Web website provides a way with regard to him to

introduce himself and his awesome work. I didn't want

something using a large quantity of useless bells along with whistles, yet I did need to be

able to answer the actual questions associated with prospective clients."

Jim Kreber, president associated with Wooden Mallet associated with Aberdeen, SD, says his

26-year-old business manufactures items pertaining to healthcare as well as office

supply industries that usually are generally not sold to the general public. "In the particular past, when

a potential client as well as student called pertaining to information, I would have had

to quit what I has been performing along with assemble a new packet of knowledge and

photos. Our consumer feedback tells us that they share our


His guidance in order to any person putting together a site can be to assist keep it simple.

"I consider there's a definite studying curve for you to Net design. "B.Y.O.B." can always be a section devoted to consumers who

want to design and also construct their own bar. Canyon Creek's Internet site, www.canyoncreek.com, is attractive and

well believed out. It's

important to maintain up using the times," mentioned Kreber. The Actual very final thing you need is really a slow working site.

If individuals have to bfbxu hold back extended for a page to spread out they'll click as well as move

on. "We' wanted a more professional

look," mentioned Kalbach, "also 1 using expanded

capabilities." Fleetwood Fixtures manufactures wood as well as metal store

fixtures for your retail industry.

Mize's site, www.leviinc.com, is professionally completed and

offers a stylish mix regarding photos as well as artwork as well as tips and

links. Everland

says the actual Internet web site has been created in 1999, and they are generally previously planning

on generating updates to exhibit the range along with versatility of the company.

"Our company leads primarily originate from word-of-mouth, nevertheless the Web

site can always be a fantastic marketing strategy as well as supplement to become able to our advertising


Madsen's site, www.madsenfixture.com, has been developed by

Everland's sister-in-law, who is studying Internet design plus fact,

used the creation of the actual site as a faculty project. Bill Weaver, president and CEO, stated his

present Net web site is second generation. This helps folks find

your website should you are usually cross-referenced." References through peers, like

architects and interior designers he did with, may additionally be included.

Mize also up in order to date the particular web site for you to reflect that his company was recently

named Amount 12 in Wood & Wood Product's WOOD 100.

The American Bar Story Continues

The professionally designed Net web site can be part of his or her overall

marketing plan. "News about Tap" features links for you to posts about

the company, upcoming events along with away for you to sign up for that company's

newsletter. We wanted a website that

was friendly and also informative and also drew individuals in. He do his

homework by studying a selection of some other sites. Kreber's firm designed a Web site as a method of helping

his customers' consumers find out about goods they've created and

where to get them

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