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Swallowing Nut prevents breast cancer

Big Lips aka DSL



%#&@$! sucking lips feel wonderful. there so thick around my fat dlck suck it slurp milk it with those fat thick lips.




i love a woman with some dsl. the way the slide up and down my dlck all wet and soft wow


DSLS make crazy horny, they turn me on. a woman with some thick lips is perfect


i love the fatness of her soft lips rubbing and sucking this DlCK making it feel good getting me hard and stiff


women with DSLs should embrace sucking the DlCK because its a blessing for a man. I wish every woman had big DSLs.


A woman with big lips turn me on. Only from Africa do we get big titties, big booties and big DSL's Lips.

I believe any woman with big DSL's is a dime. just beautiful wow.



what man wouldnt want to feel those soft wet delicate lips plastering his DlCK


wow that mouth makes me horny



Women with big DSL or Dlck sucking lips are great.


You know the ones with those hugh lips that make my %#&@$! bulge and tingle at the thought of just busting on those luscuious lips.



An dont let her have tongue ring to match. Oh my my...



I love getting my dlck sucked from a woman with some big ole lips! Fat plumb %#&@$! sucking lips!





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