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Some Emerging Challenges For Central Issues Of Architectural Photography

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Architecture surrounds us every day, and is a very popular photography subject. By moving the barrel of the lens left & right and up & down - in the same fashion as the bellows of a large-format camera - you can avoid nearly all lens distortion. Follow this guide to help you take some stunning architectural shots. I've had nothing Read More Architectural Photography, Landscapes + Waterscapes, North Carolina, Rural Photography, The Built Environment, Travel Photography, Urbex, Virginia Leave a Comment I had been travelling relatively often on assignment but had still managed to capture spare photos here and there. Traditionally, view cameras have been used for architectural photography as they allow for the lens to be tilted or shifted relative to the film plane. I carry the card in my bag always so it is handy. Rule #9 I sort of follow along the teaching of Anselm Adams and use a 4x6 mat frame to help me compose my photos before I take them. I find that by using the card to explore my composure options I tend to get better photos when I do bring the camera up to take the photo. It shows MY IMAGE, the one shown above.

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