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Simplifying Sensible Charitable Fundraising For Animal Cruelty Plans


The New York attorney general has accused Burch of using donated funds to spend lavishly on travel, a yearly salary and other personal benefits, including a severance package the charity awarded him when he stepped down after being exposed by CNN. Burch has agreed to pay back $100,000 which will be re-directed to actual charitable works according to the New York attorney generals office. is nothing more shameless than exploiting military veterans in order to enrich oneself. The actions of this charity and its founder are appalling, said Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. no dataThis organization took advantage of the good will of millions, yet failed to fulfill nearly all of its promises to help those who have sacrificed for our nation. This settlement sends a clear message that charities will not get away with fleecing donors in New York. The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation has a long record of poor management. It earned a zero rating form the watchdog group Charity Navigator. try this outAn official calling it one of the worst charities in the United States. According to the settlement terms: Burch has agreed to a permanent nationwide bar on access to charitable assets or decision-making, issued an apology to donors of NVVF and to Vietnam Veterans whom he exploited in order for fundraisers to collect money, and admitted that NVVF had paid 90% of its donations to its fundraisers and admitted to deceptively marketing how solicited money would be spent. The settlement also states Burch has admitted to using foundation funds to pay for foreign and domestic travel, frequenting night clubs in the Baltimore area on a nearly weekly basis, ordering excessive and expensive food and drink at the countrys top restaurants and lavishing gifts on women. The settlement states Burch expensed an $800 dollar nightclub and hotel bill in 2012 as work on homelessness and veteran issue. VA still investigating Officials at the Department of Veterans Affairs were first made aware of Burchs foundation activities when contacted by CNN in May.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit moves-to-fire-executive-who-us ed-office-for-veterans-charity -for-lavish-spending/

charitable fundraising

On November 10, the Hancock County Prosecuting Attorneys Office filed a criminal complaint against Christa L. Hughes for Cruelty to Animals. The situation was brought to the attention of the prosecutors office by an employee of the Hancock County Animal Shelter. The complaint alleges that on November 2, Weirton Animal Control took custody of a two-year-old lab owned by Hughes after a report was made to Weirton Code Enforcement and animal control by a concerned citizen. Hughes allegedly claimed sickness caused the dog to be underweight. However, a subsequent examination by a local veterinarian revealed no signs of obvious sickness, other than a lack of food and dehydration. The dog has been signed over to the Hancock County Shelter and is in a foster care placement and has gained approximately 14 pounds since it was taken into care. WOWKTV.COM

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit story/33686927/officials-inves tigate-animal-cruelty-case-in- hancock-county asGrZSWlqvU

Delinquency.nd Animal Cruelty: Myths and Realities about Social Pathology, hard cover, 168 pages, ISBN 978-1-59332-197-0 . They spend their lives in barren cages, unable to make choices or express natural behaviours. It can include protocols that cause severe suffering, such as long-term social isolation, electric shocks, withholding of food and water, or repeated breeding and separating of infants from mothers. It has been suggested the number of animals hunted, kept as companions, used in laboratories, reared for the fur industry, raced, and used in zoos and circuses, is insignificant compared to farm animals, and therefore the "animal welfare issue" is numerically reducible to the "farm animal welfare issue". 10 Similarly, it has been suggested by campaign groups that chickens, cows, pigs, and other farm animals are among the most numerous animals subjected to cruelty. Cage-Free: On eggs, this label indicates that hens were not raised in battery cages. Imagine spending your entire life as a hospital patient or prisoner, and this will only begin to approximate the life of an animal in a laboratory. no dataFor example, Renaissance thinker Leonardo Ca Vinci "s regard for animal welfare is well-documented. but, can they suffer?" Read on for more information about how to recognize and report cruelty in your area.

charitable fundraising

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