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House Improvement Stories: The Mad Handyman Changes Out the Disposal


A year approximately ago our garbage disposal ended up being possessed. It had the traditional symptoms of an appliance plagued by the devil's generate. It clattered, shook, spewed green pea soup at random, and if it were not attached in by the brass drain pipes I'm sure it would have levitated.

Last week one of the teeth broke off and jammed in the mechanism, and the poltergeists finally left. We were rewarded with a massive one horse power disposal, the most costly one in the place.

I hauled the brand-new device house and put it on the fireplace hearth where it sat for a week.

Every day I strolled into the living-room and offered the brand-new disposal my most intimidating gaze to let it know that I was not going to tolerate any rebellious home appliance nonsense from it. It just smirked back at me.

On the following Sunday I proceeded to tear out the old disposal, together with the previous drain system. I 'd bought new brass drain pipes of every setup possible to change the old plastic things. I figure I might not have the ability to do things right, however I can a minimum of do them expensively. After all, it's trivial to have the "best", it's critical, however, to be able to state you have the "most costly".
I occur to know a little bit about plumbing, and was keenly aware that there would be old, stinky water caught in the "P trap" section of the drain.

I carefully got rid of that area so as not to pour stale drain water all over the flooring. I relieved it out from under the sink, proud that I 'd not spilled one drop, then did exactly what I always do, I held the old drain assembly over the sink and dumped the water out.

Cold, smelly drain water splashed over my bare feet and onto the kitchen area floor rather of going through the drain pipes I 'd just gotten rid of.

gutter cleaning During the mop up, I found what exactly my spouse said was an old chicken bone under the sink that she claimed one of the cats dragged under there. I'm quite sure it was no chicken bone. I believe it was positive proof that there is an old midget Indian burial ground under our cooking area.
I continued to install the new disposal, finding as I did so that the numerous pieces of brass drain pipeline and fittings I 'd bought could not be set up to compare for correct connection. I ended up with what I believed was an actually cool two-tone mixture of white plastic and brass pipeline. The wife didn't appreciate the esthetics and just worried that the device may leakage at one of the proliferated joints.

After an hour of lying on my back and banging my head on the underside of the sink I finally had that new disposal in and running.
I ran water down it and did an initial test and it handled to chew up and dispose of the water just great. The wife was curious about where the makings for her afternoon salad went, however I'm pretty sure I got away with it, and it's a testimony to the performance and power of the brand-new device that there was no evidence.

2 days later we finally got around to running the dishwashing machine for the first time since I 'd connected its discharge tube to the new disposal. After it ran, I opened the dishwasher to discover it full of cloudy water and littles food.

That's when I remembered the guy at the shop informing me, "Make sure you remember to knock out the plug for the dishwasher connection if you're going to discharge it into the disposal before you install this thing ...".

I never listen to the men in the store.

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