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How to Close Petroleum Trade Deals - 11 Deadly Don'ts for Oil Brokers in Closing Oil <b style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">Deals</b>


Don't even ever try to act or function as a broker/agent intermediary (not to speak of a trader) in the international commodities and petroleum trading industry UNTIL you have first put in the necessary time, resources and hard work required to learn the business, and have actually acquired the requisite education, training, experience and knowledge in the fundamentals of the business - comprising the practical methodology, rules, knots and bolts, and procedures of it.Sidestepping or ignoring this seemingly simple advice by brokers and agents and mindlessly plunging right ahead into the business, any way, has almost universally been the single biggest and most strategic but deadly mistake on their part, sooner or ultimately landing them only in woeful failures and disappointments in closing any deals. It is a common behavior that is often fueled and powered by wild fantasy or mythological notion that most naive, greedy and uninformed dealers and intermediaries often have or been lead to belief that one can actually succeed, in deed make it big, in this business otherwise, without much education, training, experience in the industry.

2. Don't look to turn instant millionaire without work or efforts in this business.It just doesn't work that way in this business. Never! Far, far, far from it!!3. Don't Just Pass Around Joker Broker Documents.Don't just pass around on the Internet the same, old, tired, bogus, annoying joker broker "documents" that nobody reads - LOI, ICPO, FOC, POP, etc. Or, at the very least, learn and know the right ones to use, and when and how to in a deal. Why? Because no credible buyer even looks at or reads such papers, especially when the paper is from an unknown, unestablished "Internet" trader or intermediary, and especially when it's not properly presented, such as presenting them with no separate statement of analysis or research done on the principal or offer. Be aware that, in deed, rather, quite often, for a credible and experienced buyer, seeing such documents and procedures immediately gives you away that you're probably a newbie or joker broker trader who either really has nothing to sell or is a novice or uninformed fellow in the business.4. Even With LEGITIMATE Documents, Don't Pass Them Around Unless There Has Been Due Diligence.There are some situations when the application of certain "documents" may be legitimately appropriate, such as in the use of documents like the SPA, BL, ATS, ABS, and the like. But even in such particular situations, you must still be sure not to just routinely or indiscriminately pass them around - i.e., not UNLESS they come with (you provide them with) a simple way by which the buyer can readily verify and confirm them as to their authenticity and genuineness. If you do otherwise, you're almost guaranteed - no one would read them. So, whenever he gets another one of such familiar email offers from you (and/or any others), and it contains no mention or indication that you've done any verification or authentication on it before submitting it, that buyer simply says to himself almost automatically, "aha, this is apparently one of those same usual good old joker broker worthless nonsense being passed around again through the usual long 'daisy chain' line of brokers, from other clueless broker/agent intermediary to me," and so, quite gutschein deals predictably, the buyer almost automatically tosses your material into the unread email inbox right away.10.

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