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then await you to definitely like make an effort to slice you off. then you understand cut before them there's lots of like excellent strategies in this game already even though it's you understand it's simple as in every you hack decide to do is lower people off in this game you really know what After all. ooh take a look at everything that mass oh yes . i'm gonna call it mass but . i'm sure they have a different name for this maybe orbs or shine balls or gummies these exact things look like huge gummy worms if you ask me I simply they look. delightful I simply want to consume my gummy worm oh my goodness oh that was close see . i'm more fearful of the tiny worms than I am of the best worms because the top ones you can view them coming the tiny worms you understand they're just kind of just spread around you can't really see where they're heading um it might be awesome in this game in case a creator maybe um you understand the creator the developer pieces this video tutorial I'll just just captivate this considered course you don't need to execute it but if you could actually get like some mandibles you understand right before the worm it's such as a custom option as if you could give it little you understand things like which i have no idea just more customization options that might be really fun that might be delightful similar to the overall game Spore but yeah oh . it's studi it startles you fine needles . fine um . i'm amount nine. . i'm on the leaderboard right now with 13,000 that's poop the simple truth is if there you can view at the very top right hand nook . i'm just heading to experiment with it safe . i'm heading to attempt to grind it up to number 1. get as close as I could the street to number 1 in the worm game. I almost lost everything right there for this reason little Peru dude now he's gonna purchase that he's heading to pay . i'm gonna lower him off . i'm gonna snare this little person. eat him. this is exactly what After all the strategy he's gonna have to group himself. . i'm just heading to get tighter. tighter in. let you know eventually messes up oh I possibly could potentially get wiped out here too. you need to be amazingly careful oh this guy's heading to attempt to group me here . i'm not heading to let him do this that is clearly a no bueno thing I wasn't even in a position to eat he because he attempted to lower me off. you have to be cautious of how many other players are doing all the time because they could try to draw an easy one you like that man make an effort to do if you ask me let's see we're gonna return back over here Oh who's ooh who's ooh . didn't really make an effort to minimize him up Oh he is a real bandit he robbed me of my glory well bribes.

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