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Sinai Peninsula Dive Site Description For Scuba Divers


The local Sharm El Sheikh dive sites in many cases are used for learner diver training and additionally for introduction dives. However, you don't should travel far before you'll reach the fascinating stuff.

To the east inside the mouth of this Gulf of Aqaba dependes Tiran Island and therefore the Straits of Tiran, famed with regards to superb reefs as well as large fish along with shark action. To the south lies Egypt's initial marine protected vicinity and national playground, Ras Mohammed, having colourful soft reefs walls and buzzing marine life. And over over the west coast belonging to the Sinai Peninsula, trip easily accessed from Sharm El Sheikh, would be the world famous Thistlegorm Universe War II shipwreck. No holiday to the Red Sea could well be complete without the dive or a couple here.

It shouldn't be forgotten too that Sharm El Sheikh isn't really so far out of your northern Hurghada rush sites so wrecks for example the Rosalie Moller and then the Abu Nuhas class of wrecks are commonly visited by Sinai liveaboards leaving from Sharm.

Sharm El Sheikh is Egypt's premiere dive destination and offers its tourists everything put on wish for. Nightlife, determination restaurants, shopping business opportunities and desert safaris, techinical scuba diving in Sharm El Sheikh is certainly convenient, varied and great easy.


HMS Thistlegorm -- using its historical cargo from World War II devices and equipment, just about all neatly stowed around its open supports, the Thistlegorm was obviously a diving highlight wherever, not just throughout Sharm El Sheikh.
Depth: 60-70ft

Location: Southerly Ambergris Caye

Type associated with Dive: Boat

In for number 4 will be:

Esmeralda Canyons

Located just a couple of minutes from San Pedro Ambergris Caye, is usually Esmeralda Canyons. This dive site is equipped with an large abundance for fish life including a resident Moray and much much more tropical fish. The corals are actually abundant and usually the visibility is really good. Average depth on this site is 50-75ft and well suited for all levels associated with diver.

Experience recommended: novice

Depth: 60-80ft

Location: South Ambergris Caye

Type from Dive: Boat

Number 3:

Tackle Box

Tackle Box is located just 5 short minutes from shore and it's located directly working on the Tackle box rod. This site is a fantastic marine life dive with plenty of Groupers, Nurse Sharks and lots of fish. Corals are healthy and this site also gives nice canyons together with tunnels. Tackle Box is considered possibly the best of Ambergris Caye. Typical depth is 60-80ft.

Experience necessary: novice

Depth: 60-70ft

Location: Ahead of San Pedro Ambergris Caye

Type regarding Dive: Boat

Number 2:

Cyprus Gardens

One of my personal favorite dives on your island, Cyprus Gardens is situated in the Marine reserve and starts in just 40ft of water averaging over to 60ft more if you ever head into all the canyons.

The site is filled with life such when big Groupers numerous shoals of pike, Nurse Sharks additionally, the odd pelagic which swim by. This dive online site was voted the 2nd best dive with Ambergris Caye that will be with the #1 top dive site even on a day's diving since both can be found in the Sea Reserve.

Experience required: novice

Depth: 40-70ft
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