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Botox treatment is not a surgery procedure


Botox has became really popular lately due to funny situations in films and similiar media. What's confusing a lot of folks is the infomation that several renowned actors apply botox along with operation procedures, so it becomes unclear if this is just one more surgical procedure. A great deal of folks have difficulty with how they look, or need to look like, so they choose botox to get rid of or prevent wrinkles. Though lots of folks say that botox is simply just as safe as make-up, parents are starting to worry about what message this is sending to children nowadays.

The Charice Tale

Around 2010, Charice Pempengco (Filipino Singing Sensation) received a lot of criticism because she underwent a botox procedure. Filipino community became furious, complaining that she is not supposed to send that kind of a message to her adolescent fans around the Earth. Is Charice really guilty of anything? Charice only tried to make herself give the impression of being enhanced in the eyes of all who like and abide her. Isn't that the same thing as make up? Though many people are led to believe that botox is indeed a surgery, Charice said that it was simply just injections to help restore the form of her jaw.

Botox can be used for Elderly as well

Botox has definitely been one of the most used procedures for elderly women. Most people will actually admit that it is very obvious when a woman has undergone the procedure and that it does more damage to the face compared to just keeping it natural. In case of Botox use in elderly female, consequence is usually clear in the eyes of spectators due to stiff and made-up look. Compared to actual plastic surgery and surgeries in general, botox does not "change" anything about a person's face and simply just restores them back to what they had before. This can often lead to older woman having young faces with "old" bodies. That is the main problem with older women using botox.

Plastic Surgery versus Botox

Plastic surgery can often be a dangerous procedure but will often lead to better results compared to normal botox treatment. Though many people believe that Plastic surgery is "bad" and that botox is a better route, don't they both do the same thing? Yes botox is simply just an injections and plastic surgery requires major surgical work, but the overall "goal" is the same, to look better. Having said that, why do individuals regard to plastic surgery as a harmful thing? Well the simple fact that you can completely change how you look is one of the main reasons why. When botox is used, you only rejuvenate your face to a previous state. Botox should not be considered a surgery but it also should not be something young people should try. Just because celebrities get botox on a daily basis, it does not necessarily mean that it is something everyone should try. Ultimately, its all about personal selection whether you are thinking about botox solutions or plastic surgery.

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