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Company Profile for Ajanta Pharma Ltd


The Company's subsidiaries consist of Ajanta Pharma (Mauritius) Ltd., Ajanta Pharma USA Inc., Ajanta Pharma Philippines Inc.

Ajanta Pharma limited can always be a holding company. the Company is truly a specialty pharmaceutical organization engaged inside developing, producing and also advertising a selection of branded as well as generic formulations. It features approximately four present manufacturing plants located in as well as about Aurangabad inside Maharashtra, India. Its business includes branded generics in emerging markets of Asia and also Africa, generics in the developed markets in the united States as well as Institutional sales. The Actual branded generics company can be spread within India as well as over 30 emerging countries https://www.performanceinsider across Africa, Commonwealth involving Impartial States (CIS), your middle East along with South East Asia. and also Ajanta Pharma Nigeria Ltd.. The Business serves a selection of therapeutic segments, for example anti-biotic, anti-malarial, anti-diabetic, cardiology, gynecology, orthopedics, pediatric, respiratory and also general well being products

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