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Jesus Took Our Sins Upon Himself


Some Which Of The Gospels Tells Of The Trial And Crucifixion Of Jesus intentionally live in denial about their illnesses and don't want to face them. We may not have just one, but multiple sicknesses at the same time, which overwhelms us. And, even if we believe in God and pray, there's no guarantee that whatever sicknesses we have will be cured we may just have to live with them. In chapters 5-7 Matthew has recorded Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount, which summarizes Jesus' teaching ministry. Now in chapters 8,9 Matthew introduces us to Jesus' healing ministry. He's not just out to prove Jesus' miraculous powers; he's trying to show what Jesus wants to do for us. For Matthew, physical sickness can symbolize spiritual sickness. And he wants us to see that Jesus doesn't just teach us; he wants to heal us especially our souls. In today's passage we can see how Jesus responded to the sick. And we can learn from two people how Jesus still heals today. Through this study may God open our hearts to come to Jesus and truly experience his healing.

The first time Matthew describes Jesus' healing ministry is back at the end of chapter 4; it's a short description, just three verses. Now, beginning in chapter 8, Matthew gives an extended account of Jesus' healings. The first specific healing Matthew records is of a man with leprosy. It's a brief but shocking encounter, and it's loaded with deep meaning for us.

First, let's think about this man. Read verse 2. Most of us aren't very familiar with leprosy. It's a disease people get in tropical climates. In the 19th century in the U.S., people who got leprosy were put on trains, sent to California, then boarded boats to be taken to a leper colony in Hawaii far away from everyone else. Over 100 years, about 8,000 people were sent there. Leprosy was considered a contagious, incurable disease. It starts out small, with a tiny white spot on the skin, but develops progressively until the extremities of fingers and toes rot off. It gradually disfigures a person, emits a bad odor and leads to numbness, isolation, depression, disorientation, and finally death. In Jesus' time, leprosy made people "unclean," meaning they were not allowed to join in worship. This disease of leprosy is a powerful metaphor for the characteristics of sin. Like leprosy, sin also starts out tiny but gets progressively worse. It disfigures, numbs, isolates, and kills. And just like leprosy, sin is incurable. Sin gives us all kinds of spiritual diseases. Some are obvious, such as lust, or depression, or anxiety. But other kinds of spiritual diseases in us we may not even be aware of. We can be sick with pride and not even know it. We can be sick with vanity and not even know it. By touching him, Jesus was taking up his infirmity and The Trial Of Jesus Nus bearing his disease of leprosy. She may have been in bed with a fever because she'd become so upset after Peter left his good-paying fishing job to follow Jesus, leaving her The Trial Of Jesus Sermon daughter so vulnerable.

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