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3 Myths of Drink Driving


Drink Driving is not just a life threatening crime; it is rather dangerous to the driver, passengers as well as other innocent bystanders that will get involved. Despite the risks many individuals continue to drink and have in the driver's seat, believing it does not matter how are you affected they will be ok.

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There are lots of myths related to drink driving that range between silly to downright dangerous. Here are three of the very most common myths.

You'll be able to beat a breathalyser test

A very common myth involves numerous urban legends on the grounds that it is possible to beat a breathalyser test, if you make use of the right tricks. Such techniques include putting anything metallic within your mouth prior to test, blowing very, very hard or very softly as well as sucking with an alkaline battery. The list goes on, but it's hardly surprising that most of such techniques turn into nothing more than imaginative folk tales which have no basis on reality or scientific evidence and more importantly, they don't work. Even when there were a means to beat the breathalyser test a police officer features a several other ways to determine your sobriety.

Experienced drinkers possess a higher alcohol tolerance and may drive while drunk

Your Blood Alcohol Rating has nothing to do with "tolerance." It isn't how much drunkenness you really feel that determines if you are fit to drive or not, but alternatively the amount of alcohol recorded in milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood. Regardless if you are a friendly drinking or have numerous years of drinking beneath your belt, this BAC may be the same. You do not even "feel" drunk, however your BAC could possibly be way in the permitted amount inside your jurisdiction.

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Coffee will wake me up enough they are driving safely

Coffee might make you feel less sleepy, but scientific studies conclusive on the proven fact that it by no means reduces your Blood Alcohol Rating. This may really be worse than no consuming coffee, since the increased feeling of alertness causes it to be more challenging to ascertain how intoxicated you are.


A good thing to accomplish after having a big evening of drinking would be to catch a taxi, or have a lift home coming from a friend that has not consumed any alcohol. Investing in a $30 taxi ride is quite insignificant compared to the potential thousands price of fines you are able to incur by drink driving, or perhaps in the worst possible scenario losing your personal life or others. It's not worthwhile.

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