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Popular International Wedding Dress Designers


Brides want something different and the boutiques are willing to give it to them.Lebanese designers have exploded onto the scene. It is something about the exotic locale and their way with intricate embroidery and beading that has given rise to such designers as Reem Acra and Gemy Maalouf who have both carved out extraordinary careers for themselves from countries that are not known for high fashion.Now, their bridal collections can be found at the highest echelons of the wedding couture industry. Although they can all call the lush locale of Beirut home, their fashions are as different from one another as grains of sand.Reem Acra gives her brides the gift of light as air embroidery and details. Her current crop of gowns displays her talent for intricate detailing without adding bulk or heft. It makes sense when one considers that she was put on the fashion path by a friend who saw a complexly embroidered tablecloth she created for her mother.

Gemy Maalouf is another talented designer out of Beirut that aims to create beautiful gowns seemingly out of air. Maalouf is known for her elegant dresses but with a twist. Her clothing has interesting design elements which can be owed to Maalouf's love of merging innovation with elegance.Now go from Beirut to the Parisian suburb of Nemours and meet three sisters with 30 years of experience in the bridal industry. Cymbeline was begun by the Joubert sisters who have now taken their bridal fashion's international.They are known for creating modern dresses using classic materials such as high-end lace and silk for their clothes. The Cymbeline women are known for her love of luxurious fabrics with a modern twist.Paris is only a hop, skip and a jump away from London which is where our next designer hails from. Caroline Castigliano has roots in both the United States and the United Kingdom. She was born in the UK, but moved to the U.S. at an early age which is where she got her start in fashion.Yet, it wasn't until she moved back to the U.K. that she was able to begin working in the bridal industry with her first shop in Surrey. It was not long before brides started falling in love with her thoroughly ladylike but English design sensibilities.Her appeal eventually allowed her to open her own flagship boutique right in the heart of one of wedding in bali, London's most prestigious neighborhoods, Knightsbridge. Her business is thriving and it will not be long before her business expands.

Yuchiang Hu is the creative director behind Enzoani's wedding dresses. He is known for luring brides with his talent for draping and his ability to merge color with more traditional designs. His evening gown collection has garnered the line a strong following and the company's dresses have appeared on the red carpet and the silver screen.With all of the talented wedding dress designers here, it is no wonder that many bridal boutiques are snapping up their wares for brides who cannot get enough of their designs. Whether they select dresses with timeless elegance, ladylike accents, and elaborate embroidery or innovative, yet classic details it up to them.However, the designers here make millions of brides, their families and boutique owners happy.

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