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Wmv to mp4 Converter for Mac


Released in November 2010, Wondershare's product 'Wondershare Video Converter for Mac' was created by Wondershare in order to bridge the gaps which are there in Apple's Mac OS X Lion. This product shares an excellent compatibility with Mac OS X Lion and was upgraded in order to facilitate its usefulness on Mac OS X Lion platform in a better and faster way. Before heading to the details of this Wmv to mp4 converter, a fast glance out towards of Mac OS X Lion will state about its appropriateness being referred to as the greatest os of the company's time. Launched in 2011 as a successor on the previous versions of Mac's os like Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard; Mac OS X Lion was developed by that section of Apple's team which was focused on fix every one of the bugs that have been reported to happen in the first sort operating systems and also this team was able to give the customers can use an awesome software full of latest, user-friendly features.

Put together by Microsoft as a competitor to RealVideo, Windows Media Video (WMV) is really a video compression formatting originally made for digital streaming videos or any other online applications. In no time, WMV grew to be the most popular extendable and became more familiar than its rivals like MPEG, AVS, RealVideo etc. Supplied with a better than previously QuickTime player, the Mac devices running on Mac OS X Lion needed a software to convert wmv to mp4 files, as MP4 is probably the formats works with QuickTime. Though Flip4Mac WMV, a QuickTime Component permits playback of WMV files in players while using the QuickTime framework, the trick would be that the file viewing is free of charge but their conversions along with other formats are chargeable. This substantiated require an application converting wmv to mp4 in fast and simple steps.

Wondershare Video Converter for Mac works superbly well for additional optimized formats like iMovie, iDVD, iTunes, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV etc.; all powered by Mac OS X Lion and a free trial or demo version can have how to convert wmv to mp4 files. Though it is very simple and easy , user-friendly to use by even novices, for the advanced users it provides the options of changing and finalizing multiple video settings before conversion that can customize the codec, resolution, frame rate etc. to user's satisfaction. It's possible to select output directory and contain the WMV files transformed into MOV files to relish their playback on the Apple devices. The presence of an 'Apply to All' option makes the conversion quite definitely faster enabling batch processing, and a RealTime preview allows you to monitor the speed with the process. Priced very reasonably when compared with other competitors, the Wondershare Video Converter for Mac is provided like a trial version before buying the product to make certain total satisfaction on the customers. A dedicated customer service staff along with the commitment of a no cost life-time upgrade for most of the programs helps to make the deal much more appealing.

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