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Beautiful Vietnamese Poem


Women four fifty years

** Dear 40! Boy Xuan Thao le Thi, in America doesn't calculate the time in the womb so thao also just 40 again! Good Thao have a birthday full of love and you

I'M NOT a piece of the moon non

Age four fifty for woman in you own

Seduce Passion as the moon circle tight

Have enough own smell to give sacrificed against-for

Step in old four fifty and I have less Europe worried

Not for anyone, live for others

I'm shy shy shy.

Strong when love and definitely hurt yourself

Four Fifty and I understand dwarves means letter sacrifice

Have enough smart to understand life nothing is forever

Already know when love just so love at the current

The past is gone and tomorrow is not to worry.

Four Fifty and not desktop little couple metal

Enough confidence in what I have

Enough definitely to strengthen your hands drop

Enough foot to open check heart love

Old four fifty delicious to understand life don't need much

Logical rights and back to dust

Thirty four fifty is just the number of years

Live must hurt me, life just one

Four Fifty and smile still crawl on lips

Nhnhrong (Bxn)


Vietnamese Patriotic Poem

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