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RC Excavator and Other Remote Control Construction Toys for Your Toddler



We’ll start with a question that all people ask themselves when standing in the center of the toys department in the mall. So, what’s the better way to find the best RC excavator and other remote control construction toys for the kid? Especially when it is about toys with remote control.

No doubt, every remote control car can become an excellent gift, but children sometimes are very definite and precise in their choice, that is why sometimes adults really feel confused when making choice among various remote control construction toys for toddlers.

It is considered that the best remote control toy for the kids is the one, which makes children use their imagination, play an imaginative game; but at the same time this RC toy should bring in some learning elements, for instance, coordination of eye-hand skills.

When the time comes and children enter the period of being a toddler, they start learning how to socialize; and when it comes to three, children often remain on the parallel play level. This means that still kids prefer playing alone than with other kids. That is why it’s vital to give toddlers an opportunity to play when other children are still around your kid.

Next step is to solve two problems:

·          Is it right to let kids play with RC excavator or other remote control construction toys?

·          Which RC excavator or other remote control construction toys are the best to be chosen for a toddler on TopRace website?

So, let’s consider the first question. No matter, what remote control toy you have bought to your kid, but anyway it is already a perfect way to teach your child a hand-to-eye coordination skills. Each time they press a button on the control panel and give an RC excavator a signal to move (cause and effect), they start understanding that the forward button will move the RC car forward, and the back button will make a RC excavator move back. The more time they spend playing with RC excavator, the better they develop their coordination skills.

The second question is more complex to answer, as all remote control construction toys are made not equal. Be attentive to read and follow restrictions, because some RC toys choice may be complicated enough for the toddlers.


That is why we have considered creating the list of those remote control toys for your toddler, which would be the best for the kids of this age.

RC machine, whether it is Rc excavator or any other of remote construction toys should match the age of the child: at best, it will be useless, at worst - it can harm it. Therefore, do not buy complex toys for kids or purchase a model for "growth".

  • To a kid under 1 year old it’s better buy soft or rubber cars of bright colors with the function of a rattle. The machine should be made in the form of a single object of a streamlined shape.

  • A mechanical machine with a handle or a rope for riding (will help the child learn to walk) is suitable for 1-2 year-old kid. Relevant will be models with sound or light effects: let such a toy sing or recite poems, "winking" the child with their headlights.

  • Boys at the age of 2-3 master story-role games, they will use the "story" machines with real prototypes, for example, ambulances, fire trucks or concrete mixers. They can be either mechanical or inertial. A good choice will be simple machines with 3-4 large details. The children will also be delighted with the machine-turners.

  • A child of 3-4 year-old likes watching cartoons and playing the situation with your favorite characters. The optimal choice will be machines with design based on cartoons (for example, "Wheelbarrows" or "Finley: a small fire truck"). You can buy "story" cars with opening doors and luggage, removable wheels and other parts. Well suited and game sets (car service, freeway).

  • Children aged 4-5 years old will be interested in electric vehicles with wire or remote control. An excellent option - a game set machine-transformer or machine-designer, consisting of small parts.

  • The guys from 6 years old are quite independent and experienced to play with more realistic cars on the remote control (including anti-gravity models). It is worth buying a few sophisticated designers, from which the child will create his original typewriter. The rule is simple: the older the boy, the more sophisticated the technique can be offered to him.

  • Boys of 7-8 year-old will be interested in collector models.

So, we searched the Web and found out different remote control construction toys that will be just perfect for your kid.

·         Cartoon RC Race Car

Of course, this is not RC excavator or any of the remote control construction toys (we’ll mention it later), but exactly RC race cars are on the top of being sold. They are perfect for imaginative games, as there is a great possibility for a toddler to give their fancy full scope.

The remote control of circular shape looks absolutely like a steering wheel, on which there are controls of turn and front. It is very easy for a kid to reach those controls with his thumb. So, we can make a conclusion that RC race cars are among the most popular remote control machines for the kids-toddlers.


  • Disturbing music

  • Short distance for remote control

  • Infirm and breakable plastic parts


  • Trouble-free and straightforward

  • No difficulties to play with

  • Good for roleplaying

  • Sounds and lights for the kids’ entertainment

·         RC Dump Truck

Let us remind you again: preferences of children are always individual, and one may ask for a cowboy, another one – for trains, and another for RC excavator or some other remote control construction toys. And sometimes it is a dumb truck.

And we should admit this is a perfect choice, because this moving actin brings them lots of excitement. In addition, a construction worker that can easily be detached is included into the toy, and that gives some extra excitement for toddlers.

We should also mention about high rating that dump trucks have got from previous buyers. as it is clearly seen, dump trucks are considered to be among the best RC toys.


  • 5 batteries needed

  • Large energy absorption capacity

  • Reduced possibility to move

  • Carrying bin is not lowering down



  • Vividity of colors

  • Funny character

  • Trouble-free and straightforward

  • Perfect for toddlers

  • The speed of the RC toy is quite good for older kids to play with it

  • Not noisy, and this is good for parents


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