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How does the shopping cart software engage with the Google Shopping campaigns?



For the merchant who just started their very own e-commerce store, a proper marketing campaign is what helps in the proper growth as well the popularity of the website. It is very important to ensure that the shopping cart software that you end up choosing as a hosted service is the one that provides with the best kind of distribution and expansion of the website so that you don’t have to do the same kind of promotion yourself. If you are paying a constant fee to get the work done, it is best that you would expect the same to be done accordingly and with precision.

In this very article, we are going to be focusing on the marketing side of the shopping cart software. The main focus being on the how to submit products into Google shopping and the way they help in better growth of the website and better augmentation of the sales and profits. It has been seen that if the service providers aid with the best kind of services, the traffic and the visitor number in the website plummets up. We are going to focus on how to submit products to Google shopping to channel back more traffic to the website.


People often tend to be more attracted and ensnared with ads that pop up with pictures and the necessary details rather than the normal written text ads. With the constant growing popularity of the same, the features of the shopify Google shopping cart have gotten better and better with each passing day. We will take a look at the basics, the process of set up along with a few quick tips that the shopping cart software solutions tend to follow for that added impact to boost the sales of the e-commerce website.

What is the convenience and need of Google Shopping campaigns?

The very first question that often comes across everyone’s mind when it comes to the same is how this works and how functional it is. It is best to know that if you are someone who has opted for the hosted service, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of the same because the team behind the service provider does all the work but if it is an open source shopping cart software, it is necessary to know the basics to be able to set up and market your brand.

The shopify Google Shopping cart are completely based upon the type of product that the customer is looking for. This tends to shortlist some of the most popular brands and products with a digital approach with pictures and prices attached to the same. This is what intrigues the customer which in turn aids in persuading the customer to revert back to the product page of the website and maybe later result in a purchase.

·          The very first and the most important thing that needs to be done is to enroll in the shopify Google Shopping cart campaigns, otherwise known as the Product Listing Ads. It is best to understand that while the majority of the work of marketing is done by the shopping cart software, this sure does play a huge part in the same. The main aim of the shopify Google shopping cart is to promote and market the products of the website and not primarily the website itself. The search results are what work as the bait for the customers to click and visit the e-commerce website which sells the product.

·          One of the primary reasons most of the shopping cart software invest their money on these campaigns is because the products assign up right at the top of the Google search results which increases the probability of turning it into a sale. They assign the keywords very generically so that the products even pop up during a normal web search for heightening the chances of sales and profits for the website.

The key features relating to the set-up of the campaign

Now that we have gotten a quick look through the shopify Google shopping cart ad campaign, it is best to understand the requirements in order to set the same up for the better marketing and promotion.

The steps for the set -up

Since we are talking from a shopping cart software perspective, the mentioned steps are what the outsourced team does for the marketing but if you are someone who handles the same yourself, it is best to understand the things mentioned and follow accordingly. The Google shopping cart sure does give a very good insight on how to submit products to Google shopping.

The steps include:

·          The very first thing that needs to be done is open an Adwords account. An Adwords account is mandatory to be able to open an account on the Google Merchant centre.

·          After the same, it is best to visit the said merchant centre page and add in the mandatory information and details that the web page asks for. It is necessary that every single information regarding the product feed is verified and comes from a single domain.

·          One important prior to setting up a merchant account is to ensure the proper functionality of the e-commerce website. The website needs to have proper billing terms along with SSL encryption and even a proper functional checkout procedure to ensure a hassle free processing of all the information for the account set up.

·          The very next step that the shopping cart software does is to upload the entire data feed of the website onto the merchant centre account that they just made. This is what entails the very important step of the shopify Google shopping cart and the campaign.

·          The proper linking of the Merchant centre account to the Adwords account is very necessary. This can be done by simply clicking on the settings option on the merchant centre account and copy and paste the Adwords account ID into it and then tapping on the “Link Account” option.

The entire technical procedure is done with and all that’s left is to select the shopping campaign and then move forward with the same.

How does the shopping cart software engage with the Google Shopping campaigns.png

Some tricks and cheats for the very best results

While the procedure written above may not seem like a lot of hassle, the shopping cart software includes a number of tricks whilst doing the same which augments the results in the end.

·          The Adwords provides with a variety of options in their Advanced settings. If the e-commerce website linked to the same is not exposed to a bigger budget, the software tends to prioritise on which products to campaign on the shopify Google shopping cart and focus on. It is always best to choose the most selling and the most popular products on the website in the high priority campaign and then opt for the rest of the products in the low or medium priority campaign. This ensures that the most popular products on the website are subjected to the maximum amount of exposure.

·          The images of the listed products used for the campaign should always be in high quality so that the customer can have a single look and be persuaded enough to click on it. It is always preferable to use a white or even a light coloured background for the images to get a better exposure and focus on the image.

·          The entire shopify Google shopping cart and the campaign works under the will of the account holder and can be customised and automated depending on the best possible timing that deems correct for you. It is much like the social media campaigns but has a much better exposure and is more generic.

·          The data feed is the most important aspect of the campaign. The shopping cart software with the aid of shopify Google shopping cart ads and the campaign keeps a daily tab on the same and updates it from time to time to ensure that every minute change in the product availability, changes in prices along with other updates are up to date in the merchant centre account as well.

·          The e-commerce websites that run upon the bids are often impacted with the usage of the bid simulator. This gives out a clear idea if there is a need for increasing or even decreasing the bid amounts. They work along fine to look if the changes of the bid will end up impacting the performance for the ads and how to submit products into Google shopping campaign ads.


The shopify Google Shopping cart and the campaign is a lot more complicated than in comparison to the normal Adwords campaign but sure does have a more impacting result on the sales and performance of the e-commerce website. It is best to understand that the shopping cart software, be it a hosted service or even a open source software work along fine with the same line of work to promote the products on the website. The shopping campaign introduced by Google is a fairly new implementation to the shopify Google shopping cart ads part of the same and the same is upgrading and evolving with each passing day. It is thus always best to opt and learn the ways in the primitive stages to get a better knowledge of the same in the long run. This is one of the most opted modes of product marketing that is opted by the shopping cart software to ensure a better outreach on the internet.


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