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Free first person shooter game Rexuiz


Rexuiz FPS

You haven't seen a new best online shooter Rexiuz? Then you have lost a lot! This is a real classic of the genre of first-person shooter. Here you will find an unreal action, great graphics and lots of opportunities. Do you want to defeat the enemy, not composed of bots, but real people, just like you? You like to work in a team, or, on the contrary, alone do great things? Then you must be here.
This top online shooter game simply unique! Why? In addition to an updated engine and effects, weapons and locations you will find another very cool surprise - toy works perfectly on all operating systems, and runs on almost any Android device! Have you ever seen such a symbiosis? With one account, you can play on the PC and on your tablet or phone! Rexiuz - this is the future of the games, which has already come.
No unnecessary boring storylines - you will become a real fighter who needs to survive in the harsh world of fights and shootings. Only fans of the action and the rapid flow of adrenaline worth a try yourself in the role of attack aircraft, sniper or demolitions.
Hurry up, because playing Rexiuz is completely free! You will be able to be cool fighter, develop their tactical and logical skills, as well as response, because without it there simply can't do!

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