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How to sell on Overstock, Amazon and eBay



The golden rule of e-commerce is simple: the more marketing channels you use to sell products - the better. We all know that Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world but you should never forget about other marketing channels.


In this article, I would like to remind you about 2 effective overstock inventory sellers that can make you richer. Marketplaces are amazing if you know how to sell effectively. So what`s stopping you from using them all?

If you still don't know how to sell on overstock, you should definitely pay attention to the giants of e-commerce: Amazon, eBay and Overstock( if you need more information about the last one, go here). They all are among America`s most trustworthy companies according to Forbes. The last website is less famous yet it is more promising. But what am I talking about? You're going to read everything yourself.


  • Amazon- #1 for Selling Inventory Overstock on

How to sell on overstock? Wisely with the help of Amazon! Simply because the company that is 19 years old cannot be growing so quickly: adding 30 million new customers over the year. The value of the brand name of Amazon is hard to calculate: it has become the synonym to e-commerce and trust in online business. Few words about this giant.

Today Amazon, that sells pretty much everything, has 244 million active customers.  And it is not going to stop. If you want to know how to sell on overstock, you should definitely find out everything about Amazon as the company offers unique benefits to overstock inventory sellers.

This e-commerce giant has incredible marketing reach, and you can benefit from it. Amazon started from selling books and CDs yet today you can buy even a boat ( I doubt about a plane but it's worth checking). If you want to sell overstock inventory on Amazon, it`s a very good solution because there are numerous potential clients.


Amazon is, without any doubt, the most famous name in e-commerce. It`s a top marketplace for online businessmen and for the people who want to sell inventory overstock occasionally. Amazon gives its customers a possibility to create a “Webstore” for inserting all the inventory overstock.


How Much does it Cost to sell Overstock Inventory on Amazon?

If you want to sell inventory overstock on Amazon, you need to sign in, of course. Merchants must be ready to provide Amazon with their credentials, such as name and a credit card number.

How to sell on overstock on Amazon and  what is the price? Good news is that the company doesn't charge businessmen monthly and it doesn't have some start fee. Sellers pay each time they sell, easy as it is. Amazon charges a certain percentage from each transaction

If you sell a lot of products, you can expect certain discount, that is another benefit of Amazon

More than that, sellers using Amazon as a marketplace receive a chance to use Amazon package and ship their goods all over the world. Can you imagine it? Your overstock inventory, you had troubles selling, can be sent to Poland or Mexico or France tomorrow.


So if you want to know how to sell on overstock, I have the answer. I would say “Easily! If you use Amazon because it has 240 million customers and impeccable business reputation.

”However, you will need to sweat a little bit doing updates. All the marketing experts say that integration with marketplaces is a hard task so you should find an e-commerce platform that works in sync with Amazon in advance. You should find an e-commerce platform that works in sync with Amazon to learn how to sell on overstock with the quickest feedback.


I would suggest making a special offer for selling inventory overstock easily. It`s  also possible to use Amazon FBA program, that`s how you could store your inventory overstock on  In most cases, overstock inventory does not have

  • eBay #1 for selling Overstock Inventory

Even little children know how to sell on overstock on eBay, the e-commerce platform that has 171 million buyers worldwide.  The company can provide a merchant with a “Quick Start” algorithm which allows selling after 4 easy steps.

eBay is a versatile, rich and very attractive website for customers because of friendly design. It is an absolutely user-friendly marketplace that makes users feel at home when they log in to buy something. It`s awesome for sellers who want to learn how to sell on overstock.

How Much will I Pay for Selling Inventory Overstock on eBay?


The prices for selling overstock inventory on eBay are pretty moderate: you won`t flush all your budget down the toilet even if you start a big eBay campaign.eBay charges sellers each time an auction is sold but it is still a reasonable method of charging customers.


As for the of listings, the company gets a final cut in several minutes. The price is 9% in most of the cases, but many people have troubles figuring out how much exactly eBay receives.


One of the advantages of eBay is that it offers a free business consultation before your start selling as well a Business Efficiency Guide, and Seller Development Resources.


All these materials are created to ease the life of merchants. How to sell on overstock? “Effectively!” if you choose eBay as your top marketplace.


eBay is a reliable and effective way of selling off inventory overstock. The company has an attractive website and a profitable program for startup sellers. As well as Amazon, eBay doesn`t need to look for the customers who want to buy inventory overstock. The customers find this website themselves.

  • Overstock - #3 for Selling Overstock Inventory

How to sell overstock inventory? Sell it via, and you won`t make a mistake. As you may guess from the name of the website, it was created specifically for selling inventory overstock.


Experts claim that it's the most promising marketplace today because it is growing really quickly. It can offer excellent marketing experience to both customers and users.  It can teach you how to sell on overstock without any fuss.


Today the website is well-known as and it has all the chances of becoming the  first Amazon competitor. Although the company does not allow its users to sell directly on the website, it has launched an effective program for B2B and those who want to resell.


Based in Utah, this young company (compared to Amazon and eBay) has managed to show a good marketing growth. Today they earn at least 1, 8 billion each year and are not going to stop.


People who want to sell inventory overstock on should join the program called the Main Street Revolution and contact the website customer support to initiate some meaningful communication process.


How Much Does it Cost to Sell Overstock Inventory on Overstock?

Main Street Revolution program was launched 7 years ago and made it easier for many small businesses and individuals to sell overstock inventory. Moreover, the program helps to maintain the effective business- to-business model of e-commerce without any investment in marketing.  



How to sell on overstock? Wisely if you know how to benefit from Main Street Revolution program. This program works with small companies and local business that produce and sell American products only.


This program permits businesses of all sizes selling their inventory overstock via website directly. As much as Amazon and eBay,  can offer a full range of categories. You can find anything here: jewelry. Furniture and even some agricultural equipment.

In a nutshell,  most marketing experts agree that the potential of is greater today because their fees are moderate and the policy is very effective. Overstock. com competes with marketing giants by offering businesses unique possibilities in selling of inventory overstock.


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