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Aftermarket car parts and accessories - Do those have a similar quality to OEM ones?


Aftermarket or OEM? This seems to be an eternal question for all car owners who are going to buy chrome car accessories. Sure, many voices claim that there are immense differences between the two. But are there indeed, or is it just a prejudice, based on the brand name that is manufacturing those parts? Reputable mechanics are always willing to bust the myths that still live in the industry, by making a deep analysis of aftermarket and OEM car parts and chrome car accessories, and this also includes some popular trims, like chrome car parts. But more details will be found below.

Aftermarket car parts and accessories – What are those?

If we judge by their definition, aftermarket car parts are those spare parts or accessories that are manufactured by a company other than the vehicle’s manufacturer. These parts also have various names, such as competitive parts, non-OEM parts or generic parts. In many cases, when the car is involved in an accident, the insurance company will recommend to replace the damaged, OEM parts with aftermarket ones.

Do aftermarket accessories and parts lack high-quality?

With a debate which takes new dimensions, specialists in the field claim that in many cases, the qualities of aftermarket accessories and car parts, such as chrome car accessories have in fact higher qualitative levels than original ones. Thus, when it comes to these parts, many may be safer and more reliable than OEM ones. Of course, it all depends on the seller and manufacturer from which you purchase the goods, but given the wide selection of manufacturers of generic car accessories or parts, you will surely be able to find an option that fits your necessities.

Will installing aftermarket parts or accessories affect my insurance?

This is yet another common question many seem to be asking when it comes to such elements, but insurance companies are fully aware of the fact that these parts have a continuously increasing quality and they meet all the standards in the industry. All insurance companies claim that installing aftermarket parts will not influence the insurance. This comes as a clarification for those who fear such parts, even chrome parts.

Are these parts safe for the vehicle and passengers?

According to specialists, there are no safety implications when it comes to aftermarket parts, especially when some, like those found at TheChromeWarehouse have such an amazing quality. Not only car parts, but also accessories such as chrome parts can be installed with immense trust, according to the IIHS.

How many types of aftermarket parts are there available?

Structural parts are necessary to be signalled as “CAPA” certified. CAPA comes from Certified Automobile Parts Association and the entity is establishing the quality levels at which both structural as well as decorative elements must rise in order to be allowed on the market. These parts must have the same functionality equivalent with the OEM ones. The phrase usually used for determining this is “like kind and quality”. Search for those when if you want to invest in similar products. CAPA certified products have passed a multitude of tests in order to reach the market, so it’s safe to claim that these rise to the quality standards of original parts.

Advantages and drawbacks of aftermarket parts

Of course, there are both advantages as well as drawbacks of investing in aftermarket parts over OEM parts. Especially when purchasing safety accessories, such as winch cable stopper or other winch accessories, you should keep in mind these advantages and disadvantages.


·          Aftermarket parts and chrome car accessories are more affordable than OEM ones. In many cases, when it comes to OEM parts, the consumer is paying more for the brand name, and not the product itself. Advertising costs are also including in the price of a vehicle component or element, and in the case of aftermarket parts, this is not happening. Aftermarket manufacturers prefer to keep their expenses resumed at the manufacturing costs, and the advertising methods used are rather efficient and not expensive. In the United States, for instance OEM parts, whether those are structural elements or decorative chrome car accessories, cost with about 60% per cent more than aftermarket ones.

·          High quality standards. In the past few years, the quality of aftermarket parts increased so much that in many cases, these exceed the quality of OEM ones. This is due to the strict regulations and standards under which this segment of the automotive industry is under.

·          A wide selection available. While OEM creates a restricted selection of car parts, aftermarket manufacturers are able to deliver a wide variety of products. For instance, chrome trims can be easily found at those, in a variety of models, and all are perfect for a variety of vehicles. Moreover, the locations in which you are able to find such elements are high in numbers, thus if an emergency appears, you can easily find those at all car repair shops and even gas stations.


Obviously, not all aftermarket spare parts manufacturers pay the same attention to the manufacturing materials and processes, and because of this reason, there seem to exist some drawbacks when it comes to investing in such pieces.

·          Not all aftermarket companies offer warranty for their products. Thus, research your options well, and not only when it comes to the manufacturing companies, but also the seller. Reliable sellers collaborate exclusively with reliable manufacturers, so search for such companies.

·          Not all manufacturers have high quality standards. This is why we still encourage buyers to invest in products retailed by trustworthy companies, like the one mentioned above. Reliable sellers cannot afford to collaborate with shady suppliers, since their client portfolios might have to suffer from such collaborations.


How to select your spare car parts and accessories supplier?

A trusty supplier will only collaborate with trusty manufacturers. But in order to select a great supplier, you must take into account several coordinates. Based on professional mechanics, we gathered a small selection of variables that must be taken into account in the following paragraph.

·         The company’s experience on the market

The more a company is on the market, the more its capacity of discerning between reliable and unreliable manufacturers increases. For instance, companies specialised in retailing chrome car accessories and winch cable stoppers will avoid working with manufacturers that offer products in a questionable quality. Although chrome does not rust, the materials used underneath it do. In time, rust will show up from underneath, and former clients, facing such issues are very likely to avoid further collaborations with the seller. This is how retail companies with a vast experience on the market have gained the capacity of selecting only the reliable manufacturers.

·         The manufacturers in the portfolio

You may be aware of some big brand names in terms of aftermarket manufacturers. Thus, an obvious step to take when searching for a retailer is selecting a company which collaborates with big names in the industry, such as AMI, Body Armour, Mayhem, Port Authority or Port & Company. These are only some examples of manufacturers with a strong name and authority in the industry. Search for retailers who have their stocks filled with parts from these, and not only.

·         Former client’s opinion on the seller

This is yet another important coordinate you should guide your decisions on. Start your research on various sellers by reading some reviews on the company’s products and the overall experience. Search for those companies who were able to deliver the orders sooner than the estimated time, which pack the orders appropriately, since car parts, especially delicate chrome car accessories may be damaged during transportation. Moreover, search for those retailers that provide safe payment methods.

Aftermarket accessories that require great care

Certain parts, like the structural ones, require high levels of quality and this is why buyers should pay increased attention when selecting the seller and manufacturer quality. However, certain accessories must be also selected with increased attention. Below we have some examples.

·        Chrome car accessories

Chrome car accessories are very popular amongst car owners because these offer the opportunity of personalising the vehicle with ease, without a visit to a local shop. However, these parts must be selected based on a good research process, because as previously mentioned, in many cases, the manufacturing materials used underneath the chrome part tend to rust if chose in a questionable quality. Thus, choose the best seller you can find, based on the variable we presented above, and afterwards, choose a manufacturer that seems to enjoy high levels of popularity.


These are some generalities regarding aftermarket car parts and accessories. Bottom line is, in many cases, the quality of those exceeds the quality of OEM parts, especially when it comes to car accessories, such as chrome elements (not to mention the fact that many OEM don’t even have such products in their portfolios). The only advice we strongly encourage you to follow is paying increased attention when selecting the seller with which you plan to collaborate. After finding one, stick with the same company.

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