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Shopping Cart Elite: Our marketing approach



Having a well thought out marketing strategy is essential for every business. We here at Shopping Cart Elite are well prepared to provide you with the best up to date marketing management solutions. Let’s discuss marketing this time around about shopping cart software.

The processes we are to share with you have been carefully devised by our marketing specialists and can be implemented by any business all around the world no matter they are selling from Rakuten marketplace, Amazon marketplace or from their own ecommerce site. We are also ready to provide training for your employees in order for them to be able to devise and further handle your marketing strategy.

Your brand identity: we can see the importance of brand identity everywhere, in every business segment. Therefore it’s not hard to understand why brand identity has a key importance for any business. To devise a new brand’s identity is a challenging task that takes a great deal of expertise and it’s a cooperation between highly experienced marketing specialists and the business owner. What your business needs to give is your scope or business and then deciding what factors have the possibility to make your business stand out. Brand identity always needs to be the core of all marketing approach. And we are here to help you devise yours.

Customer relation management system (CRM)

This is a customer targeted system integrated with our online shopping cart software which will make it so much easier to manage customer accounts, do the billing, manage or set up orders, make quotes, send out targeted promotional materials and even more. This is like a name or company name based database. It’s enough to enter the company’s name and you will instantly see all possible data connected to that specific customer. This will make targeted marketing and communication so much easier through best shopping cart software. In addition the CRM system prepares various analytics based on customer data, interactions and sales traffic. In addition, it will also be able to screen and get the contact information of all those visitors who spend a pre-defined amount of time on your website, yet leave without engagement. From then on, it will be possible to send targeted ads, emails to these visitors based on the exact actions they performed (what they searched, what they’ve read or what they looked for) on your website. This is called prospect and lead management. The difference between a prospect and a lead is, that while prospect does not engage, leads will do. This is a very important differentiation and it should count in your approach to them too. Our CRM system at best shopping cart software also has a multi contact database which means it can effortlessly store multiple names and emails under the same company. The system would also differentiate between actual customers and potential customers and this will make a huge difference in your future marketing approach too.

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram has over a 100 million visitors every single day. This is such a power that it should be used and built on when building a fan base, offering discounts and simply do customer service via social media. To establish social media existence and relevance should be among the top priorities for any ecommerce business. We are ready to share our social media marketing expertise with you. To tackle the misunderstandings, social media shouldn’t only be used for call-to –action. It takes time for a company to become well known on any social media site. Therefore your business needs to have a social media marketing expert who deals with one or more of your social media sites on a daily level. You can use social media to enhance your expertise in your field of business to later on become so-called expert (additional blogs work great in favor of this goal) daily interactions, storytelling works extremely well too. You need always aim for creating a relationship with your present or potential customers; this is what makes long haul business partnerships.

Content Marketing

Shopping Cart Elite works with professional content creators who deal with keyword based content on a daily basis. They know what exactly and how exactly they need to write in order for the content to score well for the search engines’ algorithms Content is king. And these days even more than it used to. As search engines constantly hunt for copied, stolen or duplicate contents and are more than keen to downgrade any site where they meet any fault in the content, we ensure high quality, error free original content for you. In addition to basic content, we can also help you with additional content, in form of blogs, discussions and creating well versed FAQ pages for your website.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing approach is much different from the ordinary mass email solutions. We work with the shopping cart software that can build multiple lists according to the search or buying preferences of each customer and send out much more targeted call-to-action emails than the ordinary email models do. This will give your business a huge advantage on the market. Next to targeted approach the email server can handle ordinary promotions, discounts, person-related discounts and gift emails too. We make sure that the emails are completely integrated with your website or best shopping cart software, therefore one click is enough to take a client right there on the discounted or promotional page. The automated system is also able to schedule phone calls, send out customized SMS texts and offers you a great deal of reports on all its visitor tracking. In addition the design and title of each email will be put in such way, so that the recipients don’t trash them away. We are against regular ordinary newsletters as most people immediately spam these. We are sure that our email marketing approach will prove to be successful for you.

Conversion Analytics and optimization

What is conversion rate? It means how many of your visitors would convert to become buyers at b2b shopping cart software. The analytics of this greatly helps in determining what’s good and what’s wrong with a website or web page. Our marketing team at Shopping Cart Elite offers an instant solution by offering you our expertise to analyze your website data and conversion rates, drawing the necessary conclusions and taking or suggesting you to take a definite list of actions in order to make the conversion rate higher.


Video Marketing

Would you read an article or rather watch a video discussing any sort of topic? According to the most recent researches people are more likely to watch a video let it be informative, presentative or promotional. Our skilled team is ready to build video content for your business which can later on be posted on YouTube, linking back to your website or it can also be posted directly on your website and social media sites too. There is so much possibility in video marketing which many ecommerce companies haven’t noticed yet, therefore be among the first ones who use this great marketing tool to grow your online relevance.

Sales assistance with SMS and Phone marketing campaign

While phone campaigns are getting old and therefore they are less and less used than before, today’s approach has switched to sending SMS texts to current or future customers. SMS is not as intrusive as a phone call, therefore customers are more likely to interact this way. SMS is a great way to ask for opinions, follow-ups reviews and to send out special customized customer discount promotions too. Shopping Cart Elite has a professional team to help you in the setup and in the providing of direct marketing campaigns and also in devising a sales process for your ecommerce business.

Assistance with Google Shopping campaigns

There is a growing number of business who is present on Google Shopping and with a good reason. It counts in their page score a great deal, to be present on Google Shopping as the search engine is likely to link to its own shopping page on the first place. The shoppingcartelite has all the expertise to help you set up your shop on Google Shopping step by step. To see the DIY instructions on how to set up your Google Shopping account and store please visit our website. Our shopping cart software can integrate your website with Google Shopping as well, therefore double your chances of your products to be seen by all the more people who are all interested in buying online.

Pay per Click security services:

Click fraud protection:  if you want to engage in a Pay per Click (PPC) campaign you need to understand its positive and its negative aspects too. As for the positive, it can greatly enlarge attention and conversion on your website, by putting up paid links for various search results, based on keyword searches. As for the rule, when you set up your AdWords, you will need to predefine your keywords also write a call-to-action and specify how much money you are willing to pay per click. Everyone has a predefined budget, say USD 20. When it’s over, the company gets a warning so they have the chance to either renew or cancel it. PPC is used by the majority of ecommerce companies. Now the bad side is, that PPC can be easily turned against a business. Competitors can find and exploit the PPC ads, by getting bots to click on them repeatedly, in order for you to spend your budget within a short time, for basically nothing. Thanks to our new bot detection system however, we can now see all attempts at click fraud (done by bots)

With the help of the integrated shopping cart software we will do analytics, bid adjustments and also avoid engagement fraud by always making sure your bids are adjusted real-time.


Please visit ShoppingCartElite website for more information on our marketing packages for shoppingcartelite or if you would like to hire one of our Marketing experts to devise your marketing strategy.

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