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Detect Click Fraud and Save Your Online Business



If you want to detect if you have become a poor victim of click fraud, there are several options for you. They all are very effective and they can help you to avoid click fraud in future.
But before I mention them all, I want you to take a look at the statistics. Just want you to evaluate the danger of click fraud yourself today. According to MOZ, 80% of all Google search results have ads of all types: banners, pop-ups, videos, text ads.
As more and more online businesses choose to use Google Adwords, the risk of click fraud is rising immensely. And the necessity in click fraud detection the help of sophisticated software is rising as well! One of the problems that arises naturally from the previous one is that the majority of online businessmen think that Google should protect them.



Brace Yourself: Google Can't Detect Click Fraud Without Help

They think that Google should have some sophisticated methods of click fraud detection. Google should save them because they're paying money to Google after all. And more than that, google click fraud must be the problem of Google, not the problem of advertisers.
That is why the majority of online businessmen miss even the most obvious signs of click fraud and neglect click fraud detection overall. Online businessmen don't want to spend money on click fraud monitoring software because they think it`s a waste of resources.

Unfortunately, Google is ignoring the problem of click fraud and doesn't want to improve its click fraud monitoring tools. So at this moment, you must be wondering: “So if Google can't protect me? How can I detect click fraud?”

Protect Yourself from Google Click Fraud
Well, first of all, You need to figure out who is interested in click fraud and implement click fraud monitoring in one of your daily practices. You should take into account that your competitors will be the first in line to exhaust your budget and destroy your marketing campaign.

As soon as they see that you're competing for similar keywords and selling the same products, they will click and click and click. They will hire people to click or they will ask hackers to create special programs that will direct bots to your website.

They know that if they click more than needed, your ad will simply disappear and you will have to pay for all those unwanted clicks. When your ads will disappear your unfair competitors will be able to take the free space and earn new customers easily! You won`t deal with them without click fraud monitoring software.

Besides, there are two types of click fraud: one is created by bots and another one is manual. Your competitors can click daily on expensive ads ( such as video ads) and it will exhaust your budget seriously. Alternatively, they can hire hackers to create bots for this clicking. Bots are never tired and they can click as many times as they need.

And it`s almost impossible to detect click fraud done by bots because they are sophisticated and leave no traces or few traces. If you do want to detect click fraud done by bots, you need click fraud monitoring software of high quality.

So now when you got the main idea about click fraud, I am going to tell you how to prevent this plague and not to become a victim of click fraud.

Tips that Will Save You from Click Fraud

Here are the tips that will be 100% useful for you:

  1. Monitor your data and never miss weird behavior patterns of your users. When you notice that you receive an incredible number of clicks yet your conversion rate remains stable, it can be the first sign of google click fraud. Another way to detect click fraud is to notice an unexpected raise of CTR. For instance, if your usual CTR is 12% you should raise the alarm when you see 50% number without any particular reason. In another case, you can see a lot of traffic from one and the same location.

  2. Google doesn`t evaluate KPI so it's hardly possible to detect click fraud on a manual level. Google delegates this task to you indirectly.

  3. Advertise only in those countries you're planning to sell. This will save you from your PPC budget. In some third-world countries people are hired to click on ads. This may sound like a fairy tale. But don`t say “ How could it happen to me?” later. I told you.

  4. Set the limit for your PPC budget, that`s the piece of advice I see each time I read about google click fraud. The thing is click fraud happens only if an advertiser, like you don't know the essence of PPC. When you set the budget randomly it is easy to exhaust it by clicking and clicking. When you set the limit for your PPC,  ads disappear the moment it is clicked too many times and you don't have to pay for additional clicks.

  5. If you have detected click fraud, you can report about it to Google. Some online businessmen even sue Google because of rampant click fraud and no click fraud monitoring tools available. Nevertheless, going to court to fight with Google will take all your time and money. And it`s not the best solution against google click fraud.

  6. And the best solution for google click fraud is installing click fraud monitoring software. This software will relieve your headache and provide with fast results. lick fraud monitoring software will actually monitor your account and will provide you with the most up-to-date information regarding your traffic.Click fraud monitoring software will notify you each time a threat is detected and will block all the fraudsters automatically.

  7. This software will be able to detect bots instantly by analyzing all the users behavior patterns. Bots, unlike people, don't read the text on the web pages, they don't behave like real people and only software can spot it.

  8. Click fraud monitoring software will also block all the users clicking from the same IP addresses. While without software installed you will need to check your AdWords analytics daily, this software will do it for you. It will save your time, your money and will save you from click fraud!

Still not convinced?
So you see, Google neglects the issue of google click fraud and does not protect its customers. Online businessmen must do it themselves. They have a number of opportunities in the battle against google click fraud. They can monitor their analytics day and night and learn all they can about visitors. They can block all unwanted and suspicious visitors manually.
You don`t need to be a specialist  to understand that it is very exhausting and even dangerous.  Alternatively, online businessmen can install click fraud monitoring software and enjoy.

This software will assess all the visitors` information carefully (including their geolocation and browser) and will block bots or annoying competitors forever. If you want to detect click fraud- this is the advanced way.

I personally learned to trust robots more than people and multibillion companies. Robots don`t think about profit that is why robots can be trusted. If you need to find those who can perform this mission for you- detect click fraud. Choose robots, they won't let you down in a critical situation.

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