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Lipo Melt is one of the newer entrants in the space of lipo laser and LED based non-surgical liposuction (fat removal). Although it is a third generation modern-day machine, the pries are significantly lower than many of its direct competitors. However, the tests I ran with the machine, have put my doubts aside, and I clearly have concluded that the Lipo Melt is one of the best machines that are available today.

735 nm wavelength

Being a third-generation LED laser lipo machine, Lipo Melt comes with a standard 635 nm wavelength configuration. In addition, it has a 880 nm wavelength support too, for initial warm up of the body. A typical session using a Lipo Melt machine is around 20 minutes, and a typical end-to-end process for a patient would be around 8-12 sessions depending upon the exact patient conditions. The heat management process being robust, the machine can be used for back-to-back sessions.

Lipo Melt LEDs are equipped with 6 pads. Two of these pads are 40-inch wide, 2 are 30 inch wide and 2 are 24 inch wide. The 40-inch wide pads are used to place on the therapy strap, and the patient is made to lie down on these pads, one pad being wrapped around the patient from under the hip/buttock, and the other one being wrapped around the abdomen. Then the two 30-inch wide pads are wrapped around the two thighs, and the two 24-inch wide pads are wrapped around the two arms. Note that, the pads are made to be extremely flexible, so when they wrap around the patients, the patients feel completely comfortable in spite of the pads, and the diodes that the pads comprise of (the diodes are the key to create the fat-melting LED (laser) waves).

Under test conditions, the LED given by machines such as Lipo Melt have been observed to release 99 per cent of the fat from adipose tissues, at the end of 6 minute long sessions. The LED light is near-infrared in nature, and increases heating and energy levels of cells inside the body. The Lipo Melt is an outcome of the path-breaking research on cold light, led by NASA, and supported by other labs. All in all, Lipo Melt is a high-quality third-generation lipo LED of today, that can effectively eliminate fat fast and in a comfortable manner from the body of is user, and can keep working for long hours on a continuous basis thanks to an excellent heat management system.

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