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Minister of National Revenue Diane Lebouthillier We are not targeting individuals working in retail." The CRA set off a firestorm after advising employers that it would begin counting employee discounts as income, forcing some of the lowest-paid workers in the Canadian economy to pay tax on the value of discounted meals or clothes offered through their employment. Karl Littler, vice-president of public affairs for the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), said he suspects bosses at the CRA came up with the idea without input from the higher ups. "I see this as a bit of a rogue policy @DivorceMediator generated at @FamilyLaw a middle level. It should have had proper adult supervision all the way along and obviously didn't," he said. PC MP Pierre Poilievre said the CRA may have dreamed this taxing idea up, but it was likely only trying to please its revenue-insatiable political masters.

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Those discussions just wrapped in September and I will be bringing forward measures to better protect these workers." At the news conference, the minister was told the family was thinking of installing a pre-pay system earlier, but the cost was a barrier. When asked if there would be incentives for gas stations to introduce pre-pay systems, pay-at-the-pump technology or violence prevention initiatives, Gray said those were items they heard from stakeholders in their consultations. When asked about the two-year length of the consultation period, Gray repeated that worker safety has been a "top priority." @SueLambert "I will be bringing forward measures this fall to address these concerns and to make sure that these incidences are prevented in the future," Gray said. While Gray said the government has looked to other jurisdictions, spoke to large retailers and smaller businesses, she did not specify measures that she would take as a result of the consultation. WhitecourtGray said she will speak to the details "very soon" but could not be more specific.

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